Why You Won’t Find CBD Soap on Amazon

Why You Won’t Find CBD Soap on Amazon

As the CBD industry has taken off, we’ve seen cannabidiol infused into everything from pillows to toothpicks. While those two examples may be on the stranger side of things, CBD-infused soaps are actually quite popular among consumers for their typically low dosages and low price points. 

Does CBD Soap Work?

While there is little scientific data regarding the efficacy of CBD-infused pillows and toothpicks, we do know that your skin is loaded with CB1 and CB2 receptors, meaning that your body’s endocannabinoid system can actually absorb CBD from things like soaps and skincare products. 

The exact benefits of using CBD soaps specifically are still in their anecdotal phase, but product reviewers on sites like NeimanMarcus.com can’t all be wrong. For those looking to buy CBD soap that don’t have a Neiman Marcus budget, it may be your first instinct to search on Amazon.com for CBD soap

CBD Soaps on Amazon.com

If you clicked through the last link, you probably saw a ton of listings for hemp oil-infused soaps like the ones from Grannie Smith Organix and more. While they all look great, there’s a huge difference between CBD and hemp seed oil

If you’re looking for any of the crowd-favorite best-selling CBD-infused soap products like the ones from Cannuka, Leef Organics, Mission Farms, and Wildflower are unfortunately not on Amazon. 

With hemp and CBD legalized thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, you may be wondering why Amazon won’t sell these products. We were wondering the exact same thing, and did a bit of digging…

Amazon’s CBD Product Ban

Put bluntly, selling CBD soap on Amazon is against the rules! 

According to Amazon policies, “Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited,” including but not limited to full spectrum hemp oil, and others. Unfortunately, it goes without saying that this includes CBD-infused soaps. 

According to the Washington Post, in order “to keep CBD products off its site, Amazon says it deploys advanced algorithms designed to sniff out descriptions that could hint at the banned ingredient.” 

And, if you do see CBD-infused products on Amazon anytime in the near future, that’s probably because the brand or seller is purposefully mislabeling or mismarketing its product to avoid these rules. Those products should be avoided for a long list of reasons…

“Bad actors who attempt to undermine our store do not reflect the flourishing community of honest entrepreneurs that make up the vast majority of our seller community,” Amazon spokesman Patrick Graham told the Washington Post. “We move swiftly to hold bad actors accountable by removing selling privileges, withholding funds, and pursuing civil and criminal penalties.”


In a world where you can buy almost anything on Amazon, CBD soaps are unfortunately on the small list of things you can’t buy there. Thankfully, Cannuka, Leef Organics, Mission Farms, and Wildflower all sell their CBD soaps on their websites. For those looking to see the products in person before they buy, Free People carries Cannuka’s CBD Cleansing Body Bar as well as Leef Organics’ Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap pictured above in many of their stores.  

There’s also a handful of recipes out there for those looking to make CBD-infused soap at home. We’ve not tried making any of them yet, but welcome your feedback if you do.

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