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Hemp that is about to be harvested. (Carsyn Currier/News 10)

ASHLAND, Ore. — 

Hemp harvest is going on this month, and people are complaining about the smell.

Eviane Coton, Ebb and Flow Hemp Production, told news 10 the smell has to do with the amount of terpenes in the plant.

Hemp has about 200 terpenes, which Coton said is more than any other plant.

The terpenes are the essential oils within the plant.

Hemp uses these terpenes as a defense mechanism against pests and insects.

Every Hemp plant has a different variation of terpenes, which make every plant smell a bit differently.

“The smells you get when you walk through the forest are the plants releasing their terpenes. It’s the combination of all of these smells at once. It can be a bit potent, but it’s actually beneficial,” Coton said.

Once Hemp begins to flower, the aromas become stronger.

Coton said even though some people think Hemp affects their allergies, that is not the case.

Coton said the Hemp plants are female and they do not release pollen.

“Having more terpenes in the plant helps Hemp growers win awards, it’s a good thing. It can be a good thing for the environment as well,” Coton said.

Coton said the benefits of the plant outweigh the bad smell during harvest.

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