Vermont To Deploy Hemp Tracking Technology | Local News | – Caledonian Record

Vermont To Deploy Hemp Tracking Technology | Local News | - Caledonian Record

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (VAAFM) is working with Trace to utilize the company’s blockchain-based platform with a secure soil-to-shelf hemp registration, licensing and enforcement tracking system. This first-in-the-nation hemp tracking system will allow the Agency to assist Vermont’s hemp growers and processors with the expansion of the hemp marketplace.

“The Agency is excited to partner with Trace, in developing blockchain technology to administer the Hemp Program’s registration, and crop and product tracking needs to help ensure consumer protection and quality control in Vermont’s growing hemp industry,” said Cary Giguere, VAAFM Director of Public Health and Agriculture Resource Management. “We are excited to partner in the rollout of this new and innovative work. Vermont producers and consumers will benefit from the transparency this partnership brings to the Vermont hemp industry.”

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