Using CBD Products to Treat Your Pet

Nowadays, it seems like cannabis is all the rage. States are legalizing it left and right, and dispensaries are opening everywhere. However, many people don’t know that cannabis can help pets just as much as it helps humans. CBD oil is a derivative of the plant and is used to make cannabis pain cream and topical cannabis tinctures. Humans use cannabis topical cream to treat joint pain and sleeping disorders. But many are discovering that these products also relieve pain in pets. Interested in learning more? Here are a few tips for treating your pets with CBD products.

  1. Know what is wrong with your pet

  2. CBD has been proven to have many health benefits, but pet owners need to know exactly what is ailing their furry friend before they start any CBD treatments. You must visit a veterinarian to properly diagnose your pet. For instance, you might assume that your pet is suffering from a lack of appetite. You then go on to use CBD products to treat them for appetite loss. But if your pet is really experiencing a mood issue, a loss of appetite is simply a symptom of it. Thus, the CBD that you are giving them is not being properly used. While it might yield some positive result, it isn’t treating the problem at hand, and the issue can get worse over time. By understanding exactly what is plaguing your pet, you can create the right CBD treatment plan. Luckily, so far CBD hasn’t shown too many negative side effects. It won’t get your pet high or make them too sick. However, you still need to be mindful of the pet’s issues before starting any treatment.

  3. Mix CBD in with their food

  4. If you want to orally treat your pet with CBD, the best way to do it is to put it in their food. The pet won’t really notice much of a difference. Simply place a few drops of CBD in the pet’s food after discussing dosage with their doctor. Once your pet eats it, you’ve successfully gotten CBD into their system. The alternative option would be to put the drops directly into your pet’s mouth, which would be considerably harder. You would have to hold your pet’s mouth open and wrestle with them a bit – which wouldn’t be fun for anybody. Your pet would likely attempt to wrestle away from you and maybe even bite you. Eventually, you will get the drops in there but only after a long struggle. Avoid fighting with your pet and just put CBD in their food.

  5. Apply oil to them slowly

  6. If you intend to give CBD oil to your pet, we recommend you apply it slowly. Trying to apply it quickly will scare the pet, and they won’t be open to it next time. We all know animals communicate much differently than humans. Obviously, they communicate nonverbally because you don’t speak the same language. Therefore, you cannot tell them what you’re doing. If you move too quickly, they may perceive your actions as a threat and run. If you are using CBD oil to treat a pet with anxiety problems, try to move as slowly as possible. You want your pet to be comfortable when you rub CBD oil on them. By going slower, you can make them more relaxed. Try comforting your dog before dropping CBD oils or massaging them prior to using cannabis pain cream.

Once you know how to use CBD products on your pet, you can start properly using it on them.

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