Understand SC: The unintended consequences of legalizing hemp – Charleston Post Courier

Understand SC: The unintended consequences of legalizing hemp - Charleston Post Courier

This week on the Understand South Carolina podcast, we’re digging into CBD and hemp in the Palmetto State.

You’ve likely seen CBD products popping up everywhere and heard about farmers growing hemp all over the state. In September, John Pendarvis was arrested for growing hemp on unlicensed land, making him the first farmer in the state to be charged for this crime. But the punishment wasn’t specified, leaving some interesting legal questions.

So, what’s going on with the situation around CBD and hemp when it comes to law and enforcement? How do authorities regulate growth of hemp and possession of CBD products? Spoiler: it can get pretty complicated. Reporters Gregory Yee and Thomas Novelly sat down with Brooks and Emory to break this situation down in an easily digestible way.

In addition, they discuss medical usage of CBD and how the cultural attitude towards CBD products and marijuana legalization seems to be easing up a bit. The industry could make the state billions of dollars, and as Tom notes, could be empowering and profitable for rural farmers in the Palmetto State.

Important to note: hemp is not marijuana. It’s a different strand of the cannabis sativa plant. But, Brooks asked what many want to know: “So… does it have that dank weed smell?” “100%,” noted Greg. “It smells very dank, yeah,” said Emory. “Smells hella dank,” added Tom. There you have it.

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