True Terpenes Featured in Nationally Distributed Culinary Magazine

True Terpenes’ natural, botanically-derived terpenes have been featured in national magazine Kitchen Toke.

Kitchen Toke is the first nationally distributed magazine directed at cannabis and its related components being used for food and drinks. Cooking with cannabis is one of the hottest trends in the culinary world, and terpenes have become the cutting edge of food. While many of the recipes in the publication feature cannabis extracts, flower, or even isolated CBD, the newest issue featured a terpene-infused dish.

Terpenes are the building blocks of essential oils. The reason you may smell lavender (linalool), pine trees (alpha-pinene) or skunky beer (hops/myrcene) in a cannabis flower or extract is because of the same terpenes that are located in each.

Chef Melissa D’Elia, of New York, prepared a Grilled Fennel and Leeks recipe that contained True Terpenes’ Myrcene. D’Elia specializes in cooking and creating menus with health in mind and that led her to cannabis. She has two recipes in this issue. Pick it up now to get the full recipe. Barnes & Nobles and Whole Foods carry Kitchen Toke or you can get a copy from their website. You can also get more cannabis or terpene recipes and videos there or at the True Terpenes blog.

For information on terpenes or ordering your own terpenes visit True Terpenes website or contact us at

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