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As hemp and cannabidiol products grow in both controversy and popularity, veteran-owned Thrive Well will open its doors to offer not only hemp and CBD products but also education on the products.

Thrive Well will be in Suite D01 at 2535 Fort Campbell Blvd. next to Big Lots. The store will have a soft opening on Black Friday, Nov. 29, and then an official ribbon cutting ceremony the following week.

Co-owner Jeremy Luciano said an in-store team of experts and medical staff will focus on teaching patrons about CBD and hemp.

“There’s so much misinformation in the industry,” Luciano said. “We hear all these horror stories. So, one thing this company values itself on is full transparency.

“Because of our connections in the industry and us being able to work directly with farmers and us being licensed processors, we have the ability to provide our product with a full list of (certificates of authenticity) which are your certificates that are your breakdown (of everything that is in the product),” Luciano continued. “It’s, in essence, the panel test of the product to ensure what the whole makeup would be.”

He went on to share that while most individuals may not understand everything on those certificates, the staff will be able to explain and educate patrons on what their products contain.

When speaking on his connection in the industry, Luciano said he owns another hemp business, Global Hemp Solutions.

Also based out of Hopkinsville, Global Hemp Solutions is a licensed hemp processor and equipment dealer.

“Our main thing with our store is providing information, full transparency and pointing people in the right direction,” Luciano said. “If they choose to buy from us, great, but we more so want people to learn and be educated and not be fearful.”

Luciano said Thrive Well will have medical professionals who will offer free consultations to patrons. A consulting office will be available so people can talk to the medical staff in private, he said.

There, individuals will be able to share what they are experiencing, and the staff will explain why certain products might be able to help, Luciano said.

A section of the store will be designated “get to know your farmer, ” introducing people to hemp farmers and where the products are coming from.

“We’re going to be showcasing those farmers, (and) showing pictures of their farms,” he said.

Luciano said he chose to open Thrive Well in Hopkinsville because he grew up here and has family ties in the town.

He also wanted to be in a farming community to link customers with the producers.

Luciano and his partner/co-owner, Dustin Griffith, are veterans. Luciano is an Air Force vet while Griffith is a Marine Corps vet.

Many of his employees, both in Global Hemp Solutions and Thrive Well, are also veterans or active-duty soldiers, he noted.

“We’re here supporting our veterans, and more so, even past just the setup with our organization, the products we provide, many veterans have found great relief in the types of products that we carry,” Luciano said.

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