The Top Supplements for Treating Stress and Anxiety Naturally

The Top Supplements for Treating Stress and Anxiety Naturally

It’s a stressful world we live in. In fact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) says that more than 40 million adults in the United States are living with at least one type of anxiety-related disorder. That represents 18 percent of the population. 

Many of us are trying to avoid adding even more stress to our bodies by skipping artificial medications for anxiety relief. That typically meant simply trudging through the anguish unaided up until pretty recently. Fortunately, the world of natural supplements for anxiety has opened up quite a bit in recent years. Researchers are finally recognizing and sharing the effectiveness behind many supplements and substances that have been used for medicinal purposes around the world for centuries. Are you trying to find natural ways to treat anxiety, depression or mood issues? Take a look at the big supplements to know about for mental health and better living.

Omega 3

Plenty of headlines have been made over the fact that omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for heart health and brain function. A lot of people also have success with omega 3 fish oil for stress and anxiety. This phenomenon is supported by research. One study found that rats that were given omega 3 demonstrated reductions in anxious behavior. What about humans? A different study actually found that taking omega 3 supplements reduced anxiety for students during tests. It’s not a bad idea to look into taking fish oil for stress if you’re looking for a very low-impact, effective way to fortify your mind and body against the stressors of everyday life. 

Licorice Root

What does one of the most popular candies have to do with anxiety relief? It turns out that the same licorice extract that is used to flavor treats may also be helpful for anxiety. Licorice root is effective at stimulating the adrenal gland. This is important because a properly functioning adrenal gland can help to regulate cortisol in the body. You may already know that cortisol is the “stress” hormone that can really do a number on your health. In fact, cortisol is linked with everything from heart conditions to weight gain. Unfortunately, chronic stress can cause our glands to become fatigued from the constant production of cortisol and adrenaline. 

B Vitamins

Look to B if you’re searching for vitamins for anxiety relief. We know a lot about the ways B vitamins benefit the nervous system. B vitamins help to create a very holistic improvement in one’s mental health because they boost things like energy and cognitive function. This can help to leave a person feeling more capable and relaxed. B vitamins can provide support for mood and stress management. Those with anxiety know that those two elements are very important when it comes to cutting off triggers that can set off anxiety, unstable moods and panic attacks. 


Tons of research has been done on the impact of CBD on stress and anxiety in recent years. The studies are looking very promising. One study concluded that CBD is especially promising for the treatment of anxiety disorders. 

The really encouraging news is that CBD has been shown to decrease autonomic arousal and conditioned fear expression. Evidence also supports that CBD is beneficial for those who have specific stress-related or anxiety-related conditions like general anxiety disorder (GAD), seasonal affective disorder (SAD), panic disorder (PD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It may be uniquely effective for people looking for supplements for panic attacks that can provide instant relief. Unlike some vitamins that help with anxiety, CBD doesn’t necessarily need to build up in your system to make a difference. What the research is ultimately showing is that CBD is effective for neutralizing feelings of stress and anxiety. It also looks like CBD is useful for stopping compulsive or anxiety-based behaviors that are expressed in response to stress. It’s not surprising that many people have success with trying CBD oil for depression. In addition, many find that using a simple option like CBD gummies for anxiety helps to neutralize feelings of anxiety or panic that can make it difficult to get through daily tasks. 

Many CBD companies like NuLeaf Naturals or Myriam’s Hope are focused on formulating wellness products to help people promote healthy minds and bodies without feeling distressed. 


L-theanine is another supplement with a rising profile. That’s because L-theanine is seen as an effective mood booster. This is actually an amino acid that is found naturally in tea leaves. However, a supplement can give you a larger, more potent dose than what you’d get by simply sipping tea. L-theanine elevates the levels of GABA, serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Interestingly, these are the neurotransmitters that are responsible for regulating emotions, alertness, mood, concentration and sleep. We also know that L-theanine is effective at stimulating the release of chemicals that promote feelings of calm. Many people experience the “wakeful relaxation” that you get from meditating or engaging in creative activities when they take this supplement. 

Finding the Right Vitamins for Anxiety Relief Can Make Life Better

Using vitamins for anxiety relief can be a wise choice for anyone who simply isn’t a fan of medication. In fact, many people who are uncomfortable with the idea of using pharmaceuticals are finding relief for the first time with help from natural treatments. Could one of these supplements hold the key to feeling better for you? It might be time to consult with an expert to find a safe, effective natural treatment for stress or anxiety.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alex Malkin is CBD-enthusiast, researcher, and co-founder of, a trading platform for CBD products and educating. 

Alex is the author of the book “CBD: A Door to Better Health” and certified Nutrition and Wellness specialist. 

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