Tam Beverages Plans Summertime Market Expansion for Full Spectrum Hemp Juices – BevNET.com

Tam Beverages Plans Summertime Market Expansion for Full Spectrum Hemp Juices - BevNET.com

SAUSALITO, Calif.– Tamalpais Beverage Company was founded in 2019 to craft a unique and healthful beverage that promotes overall wellness by combining organic superfruit juices, full-spectrum hemp, and functional adaptogens such as turmeric, ginger and L-Theanine. Full spectrum hemp has an unique taste profile that many consumers appreciate because it helps to demonstrate CBD is in the beverage.  CBD is the most recognized therapeutic molecule found in hemp but it is far from the only beneficial molecule in the hemp plant. Others such as terpenes, CBG, CBN and CBC, to name a few, have roles to play in our overall health.

“We chose our ingredients and the inspiration for our company from the best parts of nature,” said Greg Moore, founder of Tamalpais Beverage Co. “At Tam, we use full spectrum hemp because we believe it is with the whole plant, not just one part, that you can get the full results that you are looking for from CBD-infused beverage.”

Tam is a 12 ounce, shelf-stable glass bottle with 5 superfruit flavors that include: Blueberry Pomegranate (Eldridge), Apple Turmeric (Dipsea), Peach Ginger (Bolinas) and Orange Mango (Hoo Koo E Koo). The newest flavor to join the family of Tam Organic Hemp infused juices is a coconut water and melon flavor called, Miwok. The juices are all named after some of the most popular trails on Mount Tamalpais in Northern California. The bottles retail from $5.99-6.99.

“Ultimately, we sought to create liquid nourishment that channels the raw ingredients provided by Mother Nature that are intended to heal,” said Moore. “In each of our bottles, we use 5 ingredients that create the perfect blend of ingredients to enhance the floral and tangy profiles of the oils naturally occurring in the hemp plant which produces Cannabidiol, better known as CBD.”

Tam is primarily found in the San Francisco Bay Area but will be expanding geographic coverage throughout California, Texas, and the New England markets this summer.  Market expansion has been delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic.  “A functional CBD beverage is now more relevant than ever with the increased level of stress and anxiety due to the coronavirus, but we need to be sensitive to the retailers on the front line and incredibly important role they are playing to service our communities.  We will expand when retailers are ready, said Moore.”

About Tam

Tam was founded by longtime beverage and food strategist, Greg Moore of Auctive, Inc. with over 25 years of beverage experience. Other board members and investors include Tom Ward, partner at Auctive, Inc; Brian Radics, former Coke and Diageo executive and current CMO for Topgolf Entertainment Group; and Bjarne Hansen founder and board member at SiteCore NA. Tam partners with local nonprofit organizations and donates a percentage of revenue to educational and environmental programs and initiatives.

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