Special webinar: N.J.’s hemp leaders to discuss industry shifts amid coronavirus crisis on April 7 – nj.com

Special webinar: N.J.’s hemp leaders to discuss industry shifts amid coronavirus crisis on April 7 - nj.com

NJ Cannabis Insider is hosting a free webinar April 7 featuring trailblazers in the Garden State hemp space. The moderated discussion aims at clearing some of the air around the plant and the regulatory landscape.

“Things are shifting right before our eyes, and we as an industry have to be prepared to shift as well,” said Pure Genesis CEO Faye Coleman. “One misstep can quickly close a business. How do we setup our businesses to be nimble during this time in our country? What are the key indicators that have been identified as critical success factors?”

Coleman continued: “This is a time to be uncertain, for sure. But how do you get those who are new to the industry to believe they can continue moving forward? I would suggest grow low your number of acres and plan for slow growth. Say two to five acres, see how it goes.”

Coleman, one of the speakers for the webinar on April 7 from 11-11:30 a.m., was recently appointed to the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association’s hemp policy committee.

The government, she says, has a vital role to play in setting future growers for success.

“There must be collaboration with government leadership along with national and regional hemp organizations to share resources and education that will provide a path forward,” she said.

Coleman will be joined in the panel by HillviewMed CEO Ken VandeVrede, who is also on the NJCBA’s hemp committee, and attorney Mike McQueeny, the co-chair of Genova Burns cannabis law practice.

On the CBD front, McQueeny told NJ Cannabis Insider he’s been working with clients on how to navigate a disparity that allows liquor stores to be open because they are deemed essential businesses while CBD storefronts are not.

“It’s a puzzling conclusion given that these businesses are increasingly servicing the overflow of medical marijuana patients who are unable — due to unavailability of appointments, unavailability of product, or outright facility closures — to get medical marijuana, and are often supplementing their medical treatments with either CBD and hemp flower,” he said.

Justin Zaremba is content lead and an assistant editor for NJ Cannabis Insider. Find him on Twitter at @JustinZarembaNJ.

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