Sober Up Announces New Line of CBD Detox Drinks to Curb Hangovers and Fight Addiction

Los Angeles, Oct. 18, 2018 – Sober Up is launching a new product line with the addition of CBD to its detox shot, representing the natural next step in the sober up’ lifestyle. Not only does CBD provide natural health benefits and promote well-being, but it has the potential to treat addiction in the process.

Led by CEO Harry Drnec, Sober Up’s core mission is to promote liver health and reduce the negative side effects of drinking while helping support the body’s natural detoxification process. In a recent interview Drnec, who has over forty years of experience in business and branding with Budweiser and Red Bull, spoke passionately about the product saying, “For the first time in my career I’m working on a product created exclusively to help people who drink alcohol.”

When asked Why CBD?, Drnec replied, “Each and every day we’re seeing more and more of the health benefits that come from CBD in medical studiesand recently CBD has been shown to have a further benefit for liver health.”

Alcohol addiction is a leading cause of global health concerns, and consuming large amounts of alcohol can damage the liver and brain, no matter the frequency. CBD has shown potential to mitigate all of these risks: in studies done on mice, CBD antioxidants have proved to protect the liver and to serve as neuroprotectors, preventing damage to the brain caused by alcohol.

A further study amongst smokers trying to give up has shown that those taking CBD versus placebo were 40% more successful indicating that CBD has significant benefit in relation to addictive behaviours.

This is a new, healthier way to think about alcohol consumption. Sober Up is a natural way to boost the body’s own defenses, limiting exposure to health risks and counteracting harmful side effects that can be felt immediately.

Visit Sober Up’s Indiegogo campaign page to read more about their detox shot and donor perks.

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