Regen BioPharma Aims to Unlock CBD’s Potential to Treat Autoimmune Diseases Like IBD

Researchers from Regen BioPharma are determining if a new inflammatory bowel disease treatment combining the NR2F6 molecule agonist with CBD. Regan BioPharma is a publicly traded company on the OTCQB. Their research specializes in immunology and immunotherapy through pre-clinical and clinical trials. Researchers at Regan BioPharma believe that the combination of NR2F6 and CBD could allow for a more effective treatment for those who suffer from IBD. With a variety of upcoming case studies, it is suggested that CBD may advance treatment and provide further pain management for a variety of autoimmune disease, especially IBD.

IBD disease is caused by chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Those with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis often suffer from IBD. Traditional treatment for these diseases typically includes non-specific immune suppressors and steroids. Amongst these, there are a few other treatment drugs that were recently approved by the FDA.

On the financial spectrum, the IBD global market size is estimated to be a whopping $7.6 billion dollars by 2023. Currently, there are no non-steroidal therapies available to those who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.

According to a report from Regan BioPharma, Harry Lander, P.H.D., President and Scientific Chief Officers states, “Our ex-vivo studies with RG-NAH005 support moving the drug into animal studies where we can measure the effect of the drug on different diseases. We believe incorporating CBD in our studies will allow us to potentially strengthen positive outcomes for patients.”

Regen’s NR2F6 small molecule program notes that the NR2F6 nuclear receptor is imperative to immune cell inhibitors and cancer stem cell differentiators. Regen is working on distinguishing agonists that overwhelm the immune system in illnesses that are pertinent to autoimmune diseases and chronic irritation. Regen aims to identify the antagonists of NR2F6 to discover a method to release the cancer- killing potential of one’s own immune system to combat these diseases.

Regan Pharma is optimistic about their current advancements as there is a high safety profile that will allow the research to move into animal case studies using CBD.

“We are enthusiastic that combining CBD with our small molecule agonist will potentially make our small molecule therapy for IBD more dynamic is its approach to treating this disease.”

Traditionally, any association of CBD was typically viewed upon with a negative stigma. However, with further research and clinical studies by companies like Regen BioPharma, the full holistic potential of CBD is yet to be unlocked, inevitably declaring the cannabinoid as one of nature’s gifts to healing the body on a variety of fronts.

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