Primordia Announces Launch of Organic California Hemp Operation – PRNewswire

Primordia Announces Launch of Organic California Hemp Operation - PRNewswire

“The Imperial Valley is the best place in the world to grow high quality hemp. In short order our team has built a vertically integrated business with operations onsite including genetic development, seed propagation, cultivation, harvesting, drying, milling, testing and extraction at scale. Sophisticated buyers who value quality, transparency and reliability will be relieved to meet Primordia,” stated Grant Mitchell, MD, the CEO of Primordia.  “Execution on this scale with a new product requires significant capital and an experienced team with a focus on operational excellence. We’re built to deliver for customers over the long term and survive commoditization.”

The company is now selling multiple products including broad spectrum THC free distillate, CBD isolate, water soluble extracts, viable high CBD seed, certified organic biomass, winterized crude, and taking custom orders for finished products like tinctures and topical lotion. “We’re excited about our ability to deploy thousands of acres of both conventional and certified organic farm ground as we scale through the end of the year and we are happy to announce our first crop was granted USDA Certified Organic status. Customers are increasingly seeking certified organic products in the marketplace and we are sure to leverage that as a key differentiator,” stated Sutton Morgan, President of Primordia.

Primordia is executing a robust research program that tracks all production activities and processes in order to enhance cannabinoid profiles, improve production efficiency, and develop new products. The Agronomic Research and Data Collection research program is designed to optimize quality and yield of hemp grown in the Imperial Valley. To that end, Primordia has partnered with the Imperial Valley College (IVC). “IVC is committed to supporting our local emerging industries needs and we are excited to partner with Primordia under an Industrial Hemp Agronomic Research Agreement to prepare future workforce and collectively contribute to social and economic development in Imperial County,” stated IVC’s CEO, Dr. Martha Garcia.  

Primordia’s work is establishing the Imperial Valley as the premier hemp growing region in the country.  “Unlike the majority of the U.S. that can only cultivate hemp in the summer, the desert has suitable cultivation weather year-round if you develop proper strains.  A weekly harvest schedule even during off-season winter months provides our clients and partners with a continuous supply of high quality hemp extracts and finished product,” stated Mark Samuels, Co-Founder of Primordia. 

The company is also focused on several joint ventures with strategic partners that bring patented technologies, equipment, know-how, relationships, and hemp experience to Primordia’s burgeoning position as one of nation’s largest vertically integrated industrial hemp operators.

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