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New Tam Beverages Full Spectrum Hemp Juices to Launch with Organic CBD Infusions

Tam Beverage, short for Tamalpais Beverage Co. is widely known for their summary juices that brings together organic superfruit juices, full-spectrum hemp and a wide range of adaptogens so that the body achieves a balanced state, reports BevNet.

As per the Founder, Greg Moore, who was referenced by the news outlet, the goal behind Tam is to “create liquid nourishment that channels the raw ingredients provided by Mother Nature that are intended to heal.” He further underlines the need for full spectrum hemp rather than singling out specific cannabinoids:

“At Tam, we use full spectrum hemp because we believe it is with the whole plant, not just one part, that you can get full results that you are looking for from CBD-infused beverage.”

This he later reasons, is what is surely to help those who have been mentally, physically and spiritually affected by the coronavirus. He discloses that in the future, the team will expand their line, but for the moment the wait will continue until some form of relief is achieved:

“A functional CBD beverage is now more relevant than ever with the increased level of stress and anxiety due to the coronavirus, but we need to be sensitive to the retailers on the front line and incredibly important role they are playing […] We will expand when retailers are ready.”

Curious to learn more in regard to Tam Beverages’ super juices? Here’s what we know so far:

What is Tam?

Founded in Mill Valley, Tam was launched as a result of the founder’s connection to nature and the need to find balance in everyday life. It was only after testing different combinations of ingredients and assessing the role they played on mood, body and overall function, that a line of full-spectrum hemp juices that equally infuses super fruits and adaptogens was created.

What ingredients are in Tam beverages?

As for the ingredients, only up to five are included for each unique flavor. Before getting into the breakdown of things, individuals should note that Tam only includes ingredients that are considered non-GMO, complement CBD and cannabinoids that were grown organically in Colorado.

Miwok: Miwok is the latest addition to Tam’s beverage line as it includes coconut, watermelon, electrolytes and hemp (15mg of CBD). Each 12-ounce bottle contains 15 calories.Hoo Koo E Koo: This is for anyone who prefers the sweetness of orange and mango. In addition to the duo, hemp and L-theanine have also been included. Nutritionally speaking, each 12-ounce bottle contains 50 calories.Bolinas: Bolinas appears to be a suitable drink for digestion, as it includes ginger. Besides ginger, each serving includes peaches, apples and hemp. When one directs their attention to the calories, each bottle contains 45.Dipsea: A common problem faced by consumers today is that of inflammation and turmeric is highly recommended for it. That said, Dipsea – housing 110 calories – might be alternative worth considering, as it not only includes turmeric and hemp, but also apples and lemon.Eldridge: Finally comes a drink with 90 calories which is derived from including blueberries, pomegranates, apples and hemp.

Based on the five unique flavors, it is evident that Tam aims to deliver a rich and diverse source of nutrients. For instance, coconut as a beverage is known for its hydrating properties. Similarly, watermelon, which is mostly water, is low in calories and offers consumers a refreshing alternative to processed sugars.

Then we have oranges and mangos, which are praised for their immune-boosting nutrients, while ginger and turmeric have been associated with the riddance of inflammation and infection. Who can forget the power blueberries and pomegranates have, namely their source of antioxidants and polyphenols?!

How much does Tam cost?

For those who want to purchase one specific flavor, can will get a quantity of six for a total of $40. Tam also comes in a multi-pack, which includes one of each flavor for a combined total of $36. For those who wish to purchase directly from the official website, there are no delivery charges.

To learn more about Tam beverages, click here.

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