New Dinkytown coffee shop will sell energy drinks mixed with CBD oil – City Pages

Help with anxiety? Sure! Ease your period cramps? Why not!Control your dog’s seizures? …Maybe!

For the uninitiated, CBD, or cannabidiol oil, is another compound found in hemp plants. Unlike THC, it doesn’t get you high, and people use it to reduce pain and inflammation, help get to sleep, etc., but without that bloodshot-eyed, space cadet feeling that can get ya if you hit the blunt one too many times.

But what can it do for your morning cup of coffee? Minneapolis is about to find out:The Minnesota Daily reportsthat a shop calledCosmic Beans Dispensary (get it?) is headed for Dinkytown, where it’ll sell coffee and tea “energy drinks” made with CBD oil.

Cosmic Beans comes from Wally Sakallah, owner of the nearby Hideaway smoke shop and Wally’s Falafel and Hummus. He tells the paper his sales took a hit after Minneapolis made it illegal to buy tobacco if you’re under 21, hence his foray into hemp drinks.

Sakallah says that the idea is for the caffeine to bring you up and for the CBD to help with the comedown. I’m not entirely clear on how that differs from drinking decaf, but presumably it does, somehow.

It’s definitely a new spin on a coffee shop, which Sakallah sees as a plus.

“[It’s] better than adding more of the same food,” he told the Daily. “If you’re not going to bring the variety to Dinkytown, Dinkytown is going to go down.”

Look for Cosmic Beans Dispensary — which will also sell CBD oil desserts — at the current home of Chatime tea (1315 SE 4th St.).

As for the opening date…

Why, 4/20, of course.


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