Montreal cannabis trade show exhibitors hopeful for industry's future

Montreal cannabis trade show exhibitors hopeful for industry's future

MONTREAL – Exhibitors at a Montreal cannabis expo are expressing both hope and caution as the legalization process unfolds across Canada.

The two-day trade show, which brings together more than 120 exhibitors, is the first gathering of its kind in Quebec since recreational pot was legalized earlier this month.

The products on display ranged from smoke filters and odour-eliminating sprays to edibles and health and wellness products – many of which aren’t yet for sale or licensed by Health Canada.

Soheil Samimi, an adviser to the board for cannabis product manufacturer Isodiol, says there’s a huge market in the wings for consumer products, including cosmetics, edibles and health products.

He says he’s feeling positive about the process that is underway and believes the legalization door will open to more products in time.

At the same time, he says the legalization process has complicated matters for some companies who may find the new regulated system less clear than the unofficial black market that operated before.

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