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Sep 25, 2019 at 9:59 AM

Anything plastic can do, synthesized hemp can do better. Hemp can solve so many environmental problems once we get past the plastic politics.

Can you imagine inheriting all of the wealth that William Randolph did from his father George then taking out many magazines like #1 Harpers Weekly that ran from 1857 to 1914 with his ingenious invention of Yellow Journalism, the CBS Sunday Mornings type of reporting of that era. Papers and magazines that stuck to politics & the elitist mainly lost in the end to Hearst’s innovative stories regarding sensationalism, corruption and human interest that captured Americas heart and intrigue.

He bought many papers all over America like his father George did previously purchasing mining operations with his partners McLaughlin and O’Reily from Virginia City to Peru, this helped build our great nation as that gold and silver allowed us to fund other countries wars like England and France and allowed us to mass produce & mint silver and gold coins and we haven’t looked back as a nation since. W. R. Hearst also crafted rumored legislation that made hemp illegal as he competed with the hemp manufacturers in the timber and paper industries and since the depression era hemp has been guilty by association by hanging out too close to its 60% by popular vote cousin, Mr. Green Jeans. (Depending on what State you live in.)

It is obvious hemp can solve the plastic problem of grocery bags at a super markets, straws, six pack holders, even entire subdivision communities up in the State of Washington being constructed by hemp, Google it.

Time to stop thinking same side or the highway and start thinking out of the decomposing box. Boy would we feel stupid looking back 100 years from now on what ended up happening with alcohol, Spuds McKenzie had a good life as a dog in America who would deny that now?

I remember reading in a newspaper article about a man in Weed, California who was given life in prison for brewing a keg of beer in the 1920s, the guy that helped him roll it across the street got a $100 fine. Mark Twain once wrote, “History never repeats itself, but it rhymes.”

I think it’s time we all think ahead and use hemp to solve the many serious environmental problems we are all faced with by the population of micro plastics that is literally flowing through your body as you read this, but you’re more afraid of hemp or cannabis.

Jack Trout

Mount Shasta

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