Learn About Cordial Organics, the Newest Brand of CBD Oil Beauty Products

Cordial Organics: The New Generation of CBD Oil Beauty Products

We were lucky enough to attend, Founder Made a consumer discovery show highlighting all the latest businesses and brands in the beauty industry. While there were a lot of great products, we were drawn to Cordial Organics a company started by Shelly Phegley and Desi McKinnon.

As women in business they found a need for their product, CBD oil-infused beauty products ranging from essential oils to lotions.

For those who suffer from chronic pain, companies like Cordial Organics can help drastically. We were impressed by Shelly & Desi, two women creating a brand and reliable beauty products in a predominantly male field. We chatted with the two founders about career, passion, and of course, CBD.

Women.com: Why the cannabis industry? What brought you to CBD and beauty?

Cordial Organics: We revere the power of plant medicine. Cannabis is a plant with so much to offer in the healing space and as a solution to some of the environmental concerns we face today. The more we studied CBD, the clearer it became to introduce CBD to beauty products. We had no reservations or nervousness about CBD and beauty because we feel rooted in our vision and purpose.

WDC: What were some initial hurdles you had to jump through?

CO: The biggest challenges all CBD businesses face is the logistics of legalization and banking. This is all sorting itself out thanks to some progressive minds in D.C., but it has definitely been a challenge and barrier to entry. We have navigated these challenges with a resilient spirit and innovation.

WDC: What was your “a-ha” moment?

CO: It happened early on in the research and development stage when we started seeing results from initial formulations. Our family members and community started giving us feedback that supported our intention of promoting well-being.

WDC: How did you take your brand, Cordial Organics, into where it is today?

CO: We stand where we stand today as a result of long hours, a lot of hustling, and passion. We want to keep on doing what we are doing every day: Serving our communities and formulating products that promote well-being. We are determined to do more of it on a larger scale in five years!

photo courtesy of Kim Hudson

Get Your Own CBD Infused Beauty Products From Cordial Organics

Nourish Facial Oil

Buy it here!

Filled with therapeutic botanicals, your skin will feel healed and nourished thanks to this beautiful hydrating blend of chia oil, restorative essential oils and, of course, CBD. You’ll feel calm and at ease soon after applying!

Celebrate Bitters

Buy it here!

Add a few drops to sparkling water or a cocktail and you’ll feel relaxed instantly. Thanks to the low dosage of CBD, you won’t feel overwhelmed or out of sorts. It’s a great and unique hostess gift that everyone will want to try right away.

Nourish Body Balm

Buy it here!

Backache killing you? Rub some CBD infused body balm on your problem areas and find relief. Nourish balm will hydrate your skin and repair tissue. Keep it by your bed during the winter months to lather up your feet and hands before you go to sleep.

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