Junction Capital Congratulates Mary’s Wellness on Global First Appearance of Cannabis Brand on a Pitch Show – CBC Dragon’s Den

Junction Capital

On the eve of legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, Junction Capital would like to congratulate Mary’s Wellness on their upcoming global first appearance of a cannabis brand on Dragons Den on October 18th at 8:00pm (8:30 NT) on CBC Television.

Mary’s Wellness is the leading brand in Canadian edibles and the most established infused tea brand in the country. It has helped take cannabis out of the shadows, and into the health and wellness world with an eye to quality and a dedication to continual improvement in their products and practices.

Junction Capital, a leading private equity and strategy firm which focuses on the intersection between cannabis and commerce helped contribute to the family-owned company’s mission through completing their Branding and Packaging Design, which has helped make them as popular and distinctly recognizable as they are today.

Red Weiss, CEO of Junction Capital, had the idea to create a clean design with packaging that would stand out in the Dispensary and the Pharmacy environment.

“I wanted to create something that a consumer would see and think it was a product that they would see on the shelves of any grocery store. The goal was to create product packaging which would compete on a level playing field with any of the mainstream brands such as Davids Tea, TAZO tea and others. Within the dispensary setting over the last three years, Mary’s Wellness has stood head and shoulders above the competition who are largely stuck in yesterday’s market with substandard design and packaging.”

Now that recreational legalization has arrived, this design sensibility is more relevant than ever, and so is Mary’s Wellness.

Virginia Vidal, creator of Mary’s Wellness, is making an appearance on Dragons Den on October 18th at 8:00pm (8:30 NT) on CBC Television. This will be the first time that a cannabis brand is showing up on international television, and it’s an impressive breakthrough.

Dragons’ Den features aspiring entrepreneurs who pitch their business and prospective deals to a panel of Canadian business moguls who masters of starting companies from the ground up.

Vidal’s story is inspirational and we commend her dedication to a brand which promotes safe consumption of infused teas and products. However, the approachable design and packaging plays a big role in what made Mary’s a friendly, household name.

Junction Capital ultimately defined the friendly, open nature of the brand and contributed vastly to its identity, transforming a simple label into the first mainstream edible product available in Canada.

We’re so proud of Virginia for reaching this new milestone in her business, and that Junction Capital got to play such an integral role in her journey. Fortune Favors the Bold.

About Junction Capital:

Junction Capital is a leading Private Equity Firm operating in the Cannabis Space currently raising funds and investing in the next Billion Dollar Brands in Cannabis. Junction Capital Welcomes all inquiries from investors and companies seeking advice and investment. Email us directly: contact(at)junction.capital
For more Information about Junction Capital visit https://www.junction.capital/
For more Information about Mary’s Wellness, visit https://maryswellness.com/

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