In the Cutting-Edge World of CBD E-Commerce, Dot-Com is Still the Top Domain Choice – By Far

In the Cutting-Edge World of CBD E-Commerce, Dot-Com is Still the Top Domain Choice – By Far

SCARBOROUGH, Maine, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — According to an analysis by the CBD payment solution Organic Payment Gateways, CBD websites still overwhelmingly choose “.com” for their domains. The preference for “.com” over other choices has seemingly not been impacted by the ever-increasing competition for CBD-related dot-com domains. A top-level domain (sometimes referred to as a TLD), is the right-side portion of an internet address. The most common examples are .com, .net, and .org.

Top-Level Domain Breakdown: Which TLDs are CBD Sites Choosing? (Photo Credit – Organic Payment Gateways / PRNewswire)

Organic Payment Gateways, a US-based CBD business service provider, looked at over 400 CBD payment gateway inquiries over the past six months and compiled a report that outlined the top-level domain preferences of the businesses that made those inquiries on their site, Even in the new and innovative world of CBD e-commerce websites, when business owners carefully balance new products, fast rollouts, and regulatory compliance, dot-com is still the top-level domain choice, and it’s not even close.

Roughly 92 percent, or 404 out of 440, CBD e-commerce websites reviewed chose dot-com as their top-level domain. This is significant, as it far exceeds the worldwide percentage of dot-com use, and surprised Organic Payment Gateways as they went through the numbers.

According to Alex Roy of E-commerce 4 LLC, the parent company of Organic Payment Gateways, they knew the dot-com saturation would be high, but not to this extent.

Alex stated, “Worldwide, .com still encompasses nearly 50 percent of all domain registrations as of late last year, according to Statista, a leading source for market-level data. Worldwide data will usually show a lower .com percentage, due to the advent of country code domains like .ca and .uk. But the fact that the CBD sites we looked at were almost twice as likely to go with a .com domain really stood out to us.”

“We expected new top-level domains like .biz, .business, .health, and even .buzz and .dog, to take more of a bite out of .com’s dominance, in terms of CBD websites. Additionally, it was surprising to see so few .net, .org, and .info domains used by those that inquired with us about payment gateways, considering the huge competition that surrounds short, memorable .com domains,” Alex continued.

Here’s what Organic Payment Gateways’ data shows us about CBD e-commerce and top-level domain choices.

As mentioned, .com was the top-level domain choice for nearly 92 percent of CBD site owners. The second most popular choice was .net, although even in second place, it only accounted for a little over 2 percent of the CBD e-commerce sites reviewed, with just 9 out of 440 choosing .net.

Only four other TLDs, .co, .care, .biz, and .org, had a usage rate that exceeded one-quarter of one percent. Additionally, the following top-level domains had minimal usage: .ca, .io, .me, .tv, .us, .help, .shop, .life, .mobi, .store, .cloud, and .love.

Data for this article was provided by Organic Payment Gateways, a CBD-focused payment gateway provider based in Maine that focuses on placing legal, US-based CBD businesses with easily integrated payment gateways.

According to their site,, they help websites sell CBD online using the shopping cart and platform they already have in place (regardless of their top-level domain choice).

To learn more about their CBD payment gateway decision tools, visit their site directly at:

To see more details on Organic Payment Gateways’ CBD TLD data, visit:

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