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May 21, 2019 – West Bend, WI – The CBD flower or hemp flower has a strong resemblance to marijuana but is it legal? The article by Marissa Corbett clears up a lot of questions and features other reasonable ways to make use of the hemp flower.

BD Flower is the most economical CBD source. By far.

Upon encountering hemp CBD flower in a public store for the first time, the reactions are typical. In hushed tones “Is this legal?” (Yes), Sometimes with a look of bewilderment. They’ll ask if it gets you high (No), or if it will show up on a drug test (It could). Admittedly, it does conjure images of the long-illegal marijuana. After a chuckle and a few jokes, they’ll be moving on to the tinctures, drops, gummies, vapes, potions, bath bombs and whatever else they dream up next. All fine ideas and good products, but the flower itself is little more than a momentary curiosity. It seems as if the immediate reaction is ‘I’m not smoking hemp.’ We happen to think that is very reasonable. Did you know there are other ways to make use of it?

Bake with CBD rich Hemp Flower

A great way to make use of this raw material is by using it in baked goods, but it is useful for so much more. Just grind up the flower and add it to the mix, but there are much more powerful ways to use it for cooking as well. Crude extracts to be used with the very same baked goods can be made with…

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