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The use of oils extracted from seeds is a practice that dates back centuries. However, the benefits of hemp oil to the human body remains a subject of discussion among communities.

Even with the research on the health benefits of hemp still ongoing, most people are resorting to hemp products. Hemp oil comes from the seeds of hemp plants. With the legalization of marijuana in many states increasing, the use of hemp oil is continuing to rise. The industry is booming and there are lots of producers taking out innovative products like twisted extracts on the market.

But how is hemp beneficial to your body? Well, this is a question bothering many beginners. In this guide, we provide you with everything you need to know about hemp oil.

How Is Hemp Oil Different from Cannabidiol Oil (CBD)? 

Most people mistake and use Hemp oil interchangeably with Hash oil, also known as Cannabis Oil, Marijuana Oil, or Weed Oil. However, hemp and CBD are two different extracts but from the same plant. Hemp oil or hemp seed oil comes from hemp seeds, and CBD oil comes from other parts of the plant. 

Furthermore, hemp and CBD oil contain different biochemical molecules. This means that they induce different effects on the user. But it’s important to know that hemp seed oil and CBD oil derived from hemp are legal and don’t cause any mind-altering effects. 

What are the Benefits of Hemp Oil?

Moisturizes the Skin

According to a study carried out in 2014, hemp contains a large number of healthy oils and fatty acids, better known as Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). One of the primary roles of essential fatty acids is building healthy cell membranes. They also play a crucial role in forming a natural barrier for the skin, thus keeping it hydrated and healthier.

The existence of large amounts of fatty acids in hemp oil makes it a good choice for nutrients that nourish the skin and keep it looking younger for longer. You can check out the top CBD Products in the market to utilize this benefit for your skin.

These fatty acids are also essential in helping the skin to fight inflammation and preventing acne. To benefit from hemp oil, you can consume it orally or apply the topical products directly on the skin. 

Keeps Your Heart Healthy 

Hemp oil seems to work well for heart health. One of the studies showed that hemp oil could significantly help to reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, which are some of the well-known causes of heart diseases.

Linolenic acid, also found in fish oils, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular attacks significantly. Hemp oil contains Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), which comes with various health benefits. GLA has anti-inflammatory properties making it suitable for managing heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and more. 

Keeps the Brain Healthy 

Studies establish that there is a close relationship between hemp oil and brain transmitters. One of the studies highlighted that cannabidiol (CBD) affects the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin plays a crucial role in the management of depression and anxiety giving you a healthy brain.

Besides, hemp oil is useful in the prevention of dementia caused by oxidative damage to the brain. The antioxidant properties found in hemp oil helps to preserve the brain cells, thus keeping it functional. As a result, hemp oil is effective in the prevention of brain degradation that comes with old age.

Relieves Pain 


According to a study, hemp oil can help people suffering from pain. The study suggests that low levels of omega 3 fatty acids and high levels of omega 6 fatty acids can cause inflammation.

Inflammation majorly causes pain due to the swellings that apply pressure to the nerve endings. The nerves, in turn, relays the message to the brain. When an inflammation occurs in your body, the condition also triggers other biochemical processes that affect how the nerves behave thus increasing pain.

However, adding omega 3 and omega 6 found in hemp oil to your diet can help in fighting inflammation. This is because hemp oil contains balanced amounts of fatty acids, thus alleviating the effects of their imbalance.

Eases Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) 

Women suffering from PMS tend to experience difficulties when transitioning to menopause. This is why solving PMS symptoms can help women to live healthily. A 2011 study suggests that the emotional or physical symptoms during PMS result from the sensitivity to prolactin linked to low prostaglandin E1 (PGE1).

Since hemp oil contains GLA that stimulates the production of PGE1, it can help in alleviating the symptoms of this syndrome. Results from the research show that the PMS participants who took 1 gram of fatty acids including 210 mg of GLA, experienced fewer symptoms. 

Help in Digestion

One of the most important elements that aids in digestion are fiber. Soluble fiber produces nutrients that are good for the digestive bacteria present on the body and can regulate cholesterol levels and reduce spikes in blood sugar. 

Insoluble fiber also adds weight to your stool enabling the undigested food to pass through the gut without any difficulties. Besides, it also reduces the risks of diabetes. 

Since hemp oil contains both insoluble and soluble fiber, 80% and 20%, respectively, adding it to your diet will make your digestion process smooth.  Whole hemp seeds are popular for this purpose because they contain high amounts of fiber, unlike any other source. 


Products derived from variants of the cannabis plants have found their way into the debate on their value to human life. One thing that has become increasingly clear is that several medicinal values come from products such as hemp oil and CBD. 

Even with several pieces of research indicating that hemp oil is beneficial to your health, start by checking with your doctor before you add hemp oil to your diet or use it topically. Lots of information and products are available online, and enjoying cannabis-related products is easier than ever. 

If you have green fingers and want to grow cannabis, get high-quality feminized marijuana seeds. The seeds will streamline your growing process ensuring that you get good yields. 

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