HEMP Toilet Paper could be a Game Changer – RADIO.COM

HEMP Toilet Paper could be a Game Changer - RADIO.COM

The Numbers are in HEMP Favor

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Think about how much toilet paper you use each day … in a week … in a month… in a year … 50 lbs! That’s the number of pounds of toilet paper the average American uses in a year. Think of the millions of trees that are cut down. Before toilet paper was massed produced, HEMP was the material of choice. With our tree resources being used up quickly that includes the millions of trees being cut down and burned down from massive wildfires, many are turning to alternatives that will halt environmental resource abuse and waste.

Toilet paper, made from the Hemp plant has been marketed in other countries for awhile. Now it’s being favored and considered by many in the US and Worldwide. There are toiletpaper manufacturers who are getting into the Hemp trend. Hemp pulp is more resilient, breaks down easily, and keeps forests intact. With new technology and numbers showing favor for Hemp. The Hemp trend looks to have longevity. You decide… 


Hemp produces 4 x more cellulose fibers per acre compared to trees.Hemp takes about 4-5 months to grow vs trees taking 50 -100 years.10 tons of Hemp can be grown per acreTo make paper the cellulose is the only part of the plant needed. Trees are 30% cellulose. Hemp is almost 3 times more than trees at 85% cellulosePaper has increased by 400% in 40 years and 35% of trees are cut down for paperMore #s here!

The #s seem to point to Hemp having the potential to save the World. Substituting tree-based products with Hemp-based looks to provide the positive movement needed for a Greener future. Changing just the toilet paper could be a Big Game Changer for the World. You decide! 

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