Hemp Summit held in West for local farmers – KWTX

Hemp Summit held in West for local farmers - KWTX

WEST, Texas (KWTX) Saturday the City of West along with Green Light Events, hosted a hemp summit for local farmers in the area who may be interested in growing the plant once production is allowed to begin in Texas.

Jimmy Gerik, a Dallas filmmaker and west native started a ground swell for this event in his hometown after he says he witnessed the healing powers cannabis products possess after seeing the effects they had on his editor and longtime friend, who was battling stage four prostate cancer.

“I thought I knew what this plant was,” said Gerik. “I did not. And I don’t think anybody does. It’s what it can do medically. The consumer products are great, don’t get me wrong, but what it can do medically. So they are hearing the what and the how, and I want to tell them why. “

The summit featured experts in the hemp growing industry from around the United States, as well as a representative with the Texas department of agriculture who was there to answer any questions about the legality of this confusing product. Because while hemp and CBD products are now able to be grown and sold in every U.S state that allows it, along with House Bill 1325 being signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, which will allow farmers and business owners to begin doing the same in Lone Star State, production is still unable to begin until the USDA and Texas Department of Agriculture come to terms on plans for cultivation as well as licensing.

“That’s why we have the Texas Department of Agriculture reps here,” said Daulton O’Neill, President of Green Light Events. “We didn’t want any farmers jumping in deeper than they can go. Kind of having industry contacts. It’s not scary when you have a group of people, all industry professionals that have the insight. If I don’t know it, he knows it. If he doesn’t know it, she knows it. There is somebody in the room that can get answers to these farmers and that’s really what we’re after today.”

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