Hemp Genetics Provider Bundles Consulting Services into Offerings – Greenhouse Grower

Hemp Genetics Provider Bundles Consulting Services into Offerings - Greenhouse Grower

For commercial hemp growers, your ensuing success or failure in the greenhouse starts and ends with your seed or young plant investment. However, sorting through all of the hemp genetics providers on the market has proven difficult for even the most scrutinizing master grower.

One well-known hemp genetics provider is launching a tiered genetics purchasing program for 2020 that includes several add-on professional consulting services for growers.

Imperial Seedlings, the official genetics provider of the 2020 Hemp Inc. Hempathon in the Arizona desert, is offering five seedling package options for the 2020 season with a focus on adding value to hemp farmers across the U.S by bundling professional consulting services into the genetics purchase.

According to the company, the packages available are sorted into tiers based on the amount of seed one intends to purchase, and include the Essentials Package, the Pro Package, Premier Package, Platinum Package and VIP Package. Each package includes hardened-off CBD hemp seedlings delivered directly to your farm, genetics advisement from Imperial’s seasoned Horticulture team, and virtual one-on-one time with a Certified Crop Advisor, according to the company.

“We want to do more for our farming customers than just grow them a great start,” said Colte Koen, President of Imperial Seedlings. “We want to be standing in a successful field at the side our customers at harvest time, and that means being a part of that journey every step of the way. Our commitment is so strong in this regard, that we want to provide the resources it takes to help our farmers the best way we know how: with experts at every stage of the process.”

Head on over to ImperialSeedlings.com for more information on the tiered genetics package offerings for 2020 grow season.


Hemp Genetics Provider Bundles Consulting Services into Offerings

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