Hemp farm offers tours to educate the community – KYMA

Hemp farm offers tours to educate the community - KYMA


SOMERTON, Ariz.(KYMA, KSWT, FOX 9)- You may notice or smell hemp fields popping up around town and one Yuma County farm wants the community to know why they’re popping up and what hemp is all about.

Hemp plant at Pink Chameleon Farm in Somerton, Ariz.

Pink Chameleon Farm is coining itself as the first hemp farm in Arizona to give tours.

Tim Rush, local hemp grower and a local educator of more than two decades, is hoping to show people that hemp is a good thing.

He’s opening his doors to those looking to learn more and explained part of the tour includes educating tourists about the terpenes, or chemical compounds, of the plant.

“We have linalool, which is found in lavender, citrus, laurel birch and rosewood and here is some of the things that it will help with stress, depression, anxiety, pain convolutions and so forth,” said Rush.

The tour allows locals to get hands-on with the plant and walk away understanding what hemp I.

A common misconception of the plant is that it’s marijuana – although the two go hand in hand they aren’t the same.

Rush explains that hemp farms in Arizona must keep the THC levels in the plant below .3 percent.

Growing hemp was given the green light in Arizona on May 31.

You can call Pink Chameleon to schedule at tour at (928) 261-5400 or visit their website.

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