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GreenPost CBD: Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil Hemp Products

GreenPost CBD is a creator of cannabidiol oils, along with gummies, topical formulas, and tinctures. Their brand sources all of the hemp from farmers in Wisconsin, who follow organic farming practices to delivery benefits and therapeutic flower to the masses.

What Does GreenPost CBD Offer?

When hemp became a legal crop to grow and cultivate, the resulting flood of CBD companies was overwhelming. In fact, many news publications reported that, at the time, there could potentially be an overabundance. Without regulation by the Food and Drug Administration initially, companies that weren’t bringing what they claimed to offer thrived, but that time has since passed. Luckily, the products at GreenPost CBD are as pure and effective as they ever were, offering extracted from hand-harvested hemp crops.

CBD has been associated with many benefits, primarily surrounding relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression, and related conditions. Though there’s still inconclusive research to technically support its use in these ways, there are many happy customers of GreenPost CBD and other brands that would support that statement. These formulas don’t offer the same inebriated feeling that often comes from THC, but consumers are still able to find therapeutic benefits to their use.

Rather than just offering one type of CBD product, GreenPost CBD keeps its official website fresh and fun. With the ability to shop their supply online, consumers that don’t know where to start can check out the “Which Strain Are You” quiz (found right on the home page) to figure out the right match for their needs. CBD flower is sold in the same way that marijuana dispensaries sell their own strains, but without THC at all.

GreenPost CBD and Their Product Options

First and foremost, GreenPost CBD keeps their selection a little classic with CBD oil, which has been processed with CO2 extraction to preserve the potency and terpenes of the cannabidiol. Consumers can purchase the 500mg vial for $69.95, though it is also offered in a 1000mg (starting at $109.95) and a 2000mg (189.95) concentration.

Next, consumers have their choice of flower, if they would prefer a more traditional method without the more familiar compound. Anyone who is more familiar with a dispensary will probably recognize some of the names here, including Honey Badger, Hawaiian Haze, and Bubba Kush. The least expensive strains start at $29.95, but this section also offers CBD Kief ($19.99) and Moon Rocks ($44.95) for a more potent experience. Still, users won’t “get high” with these products.

Avid vapers can opt for one of the CBD cartridges, all starting at $49.95. The brand still has a rather limited selection here, but again focuses on popular strains – Zkittlez, OG Kush, and Super Lemon Haze. Consumers that want to get more for their money can choose one of the CBD crumbs for the same price, offering 750mg of Wedding Cake, Granddaddy Purple, Super Lemon Haze, and OG Kush.

For anyone that doesn’t want to ingest CBD to get the benefits, GreenPost CBD has created many topical options for pain relief and muscle relaxation. With unique textures in all four options, consumers can use this type of product to ease the stress of a long day or start it off on the right foot.

To round up the product selection, GreenPost CBD has included a single CBD Oil for pet owners that want to offer the same benefits to their furry friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About GreenPost CBD

A: To differentiate GreenPost CBD from some of the competition, let’s discuss some of the questions that consumers need answers to before they make a purchase.

Q: How do consumers know that they are getting high-quality products from GreenPost CBD?

A: While there are many formulas available, it is important for any CBD brand to be able to prove that they are offering what they say. In light of full transparency, GreenPost CBD proudly displays the lab reports for all of their products at:, whether the user wants to learn about the CBD flower, topical products, or oral supplements.

Q: Can pets use any of the regular products?

A: When giving an animal CBD, the dose is going to be much different from a human’s dose. If consumers want to treat their pet with CBD, they should only use the CBD oil that is formulated for their small bodies.

Q: Are these products good for consumers that aren’t really familiar with CBD?

A: Absolutely. It doesn’t take much to be informed about how CBD can benefit anyone, and GreenPost CBD even offers an entire section of their website to teach consumers more about CBD, the endocannabinoid system, and misunderstandings about the compound.

Q: Will any of the GreenPost CBD formulas get the user “high”?

A: No. By law, all of these formulas must include no more than trace amounts (0.03%) of THC, which is not enough to create this effect. Consumers that are unsure of how much THC is in their particular product, they can refer to the lab reports offered at the link above.

Q: Are there any special incentives offered by GreenPost CBD right now?

A: Any order over $30 will automatically qualify for free shipping.

Q: Does GreenPost CBD allow returns?

A: No. Every single purchase is final, and the only exception that the company offers is if GreenPost CBD made an error. Any products damaged during shipping will need to be reported to the local post office.

The Bottom Line: GreenPost CBD Offers Honest Formulas

GreenPost CBD brings a wide variety of oils, topical formulas, and other supplements to consumers, and they have all of the lab reports and details to back it up. Their entire website is centered around knowing the right way to use CBD to the customer’s advantage, and the educational materials are extremely helpful to first-time or seasoned individuals. With wholesale options available, finding affordable CBD products is easy.

This website is restricted to consumers who are age 21 and older.

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