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Louisville, KY, August 24, 2019 –(– Green Hemp Farms started in July 2017 by a physician entrepreneur while practicing medicine, and operations include extraction of CBD oil from hemp by CO2 and alcohol as well as distillation. Also, the company started hemp clones and cultivation in Kentucky. They own real estate through sister companies in Colorado, Kentucky and Nebraska. The company states that total value of the business and real estate has reached $30 million, as described below.

The valuation of equipment, real estate, working capital and end user products, along with goodwill value is:Green Hemp Farms – EvaluationCorporate Office: 6329 State Road 54, New Port Richey, FL 34653.Tel. 727-514-5544

Green Hemp Farms Inc. (that changed its name to Green Farming Inc.) is a registered Delaware corporation, effective 7.5.2017, owned by Gunwant S. Dhaliwal, MD. Tax ID # 82-2310639.

Equipment:Delta, CO – 300L CO2 Extraction equipment, VTA-70 and Interchim HPLC,Short path dist., Rotovaps, Cutters, Dehumidifiers, 48 tray ovens, VacuumFilteration systems and other industrial equip. $3 mil

Louisville, KY – Ethos – 6 from Capna Alcohol Extraction, 150L Glass Reactor distillation, 48 trays 300-degree ovens, destemer, Vacuum oven & other indus. Equip. $1 mil

Louisville, KY – 4000 sq. ft. Indoor Hemp Clones area with 72 Fluence VYPRx LED Lights, Water purification system, 20 dehumidifiers, 30 Ton A/C, hundreds shelving. $0.5 mil

Gravel Switch, KY – Farm Equipment including high power tractors and other Farm equipment, Irrigation pipes and pumps, 1200 sq. ft. mobile home. $1 mil

Working Average Expenses/Capital:

Jul. 2017 to Dec. 2017 (6 months X $25,000) = $150,000, $0.15 milJan. 2018 to Dec. 2018 (12 months X $50,000) = $600,000, $0.6 milJan. 2019 to Sep. 2019 (9 months X $100,000) = $900,000, $0.9 mil

Products:Hemp 200,000 plants X 0.5 lb. = 100,000 lb. X $50 = $1,250,000, $5 mil200 Kg. Wax X $1000 = $200,000, $0.2 mil60 Kg CBD oil X $50,000 per Kg in Products = $3 mil – 0.5 mil in expenses, $2.5 mil6 Products in qt. of 1000 each at Delta Facility at wholesale price, $0.15 mil

Subtotal: $15 mil

Real Estate:

Delta, CO – 8200 Sq. ft. Industrial Building on 5 Acres Land at1760 Gunnison Ave, Delta, CO 81416, owner Green Farms HoldingLLC, $1 mil

La Junta, CO – 62,000 sq. ft. Industrial Building with parking lot for 70,000 sq. ft. Greenhouse at 27496 Frontage Road, La Junta, CO, 81050. Owner, Green Farms Holding LLC (Colorado LLC – G S Dhaliwal), $2 mil

Louisville, KY – 15,000 sq. ft. Industrial Building with enclosed parking area for 20,000 sq. ft. Greenhouse at 4110 Algonquin Pkwy, Louisville, KY, 40211. Owner, Green Hemp Farms LLC, $1.5 mil

Gravel Switch, KY – 309 Acres with 200 Acres Usable Agriculture Permitted Hemp Farm at Gravel Switch (Marion/Boyle Counties), KY. Owner, GSD Investments LLC (GSD Management Services LLC – Florida LLC, owned by Gunwant & Tejinder Dhaliwal), $2 mil

Sydney, NE – 285 Acres (all usable) currently under Wheat cultivation for Hemp Farming in 2020. Land is otherwise zoned commercial on Rt. 80 next to LOVE Truck Stop on intersection. Owner, A & A Capital Investments LLC (GSD Management Services LLC – Florida LLC, owned by Gunwant & Tejinder Dhaliwal), $1.5 mil

Subtotal: $8 mil

Goodwill Value: (30% of Value, $23 mil), $7 mil

Total: $15 mil + $8 mil + $7 mil = $30 mil

Contact Information:Green Hemp Farms Inc.Garry Dhaliwal, CEO727-514-5544Contact via Emailwww.greenhempfarms.comadditional website:

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