Getting back into smoking after a traumatic experience. I Need Help…

So, I’ll try and make this as short as possible…

I went out with my good friend for a smoke, only a small amount, and we used a bong. (We used bongs a lot so wasn’t out of the ordinary for us and we were quite heavy marijuana smokers at the time.)

So, I picked out some bud, put it in the bowl, smoked the bong, all fine and dandy.

The second one, went the same, as smooth as you could imagine.

All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my throat when swallowing, and it was happening after every swallow. We went to the shop to get a drink, got the nicest, “most hydrating” drink I could find which was an Oasis Summer Fruits (UK).

I unfastened the lid, and for some reason it felt like it had been unscrewed already but I thought it was down to paranoia. The first sip, was the strongest drink i’ve ever tried in my life, it tasted like undiluted juice (the one you add water too) which was strange because I always remember Oasis being quite watery hence why I picked it up.

Either way, I was sketched out and didn’t like how I was feeling so I went home.

As I returned home, I sat at my computer desk and went to play some CS:GO as it was the nightly thing me and a good few of my friends used to do, and as soon as I got into a game, my keyboard seemed to move closer, as well as the screen going all wavey as if I had taken other drugs. I also felt super strange, quite light headed. I looked down and I could see my heartbeat through my shirt, my shirt was moving up and down about an inch, or what seemed to be that much.

I ran downstairs and I mentioned to my mum (she knew I smoked) what happened and sat with her downstairs until the end of the night. I sat/led on the sofa frozen, grey and almost shivering from whatever I was experiencing.

Since that day, I haven’t touched weed because of the panic I feel when I’m around it, I also feel like I haven’t been the same since, I feel like my head has changed, and sometimes I just experience “space-out” moments throughout my life, like in work they will come randomly etc, and I’ve never actually mentioned this anywhere, so if anyone feels the same, then please let me know because answers would be helpful.

On the plus side, my life has changed for the better and I’m much better off now, but still feel off on some days.

I now suffer from major anxiety, social anxiety, but do not take the pills prescribed because of the side affects.

Now, I’ve recently discovered that there’s such thing as CBD intensive strains, oils, etc. with less than 2% THC which is legal here in the UK. I looked into CBD Vapes and found a few i think look good, but I googled it earlier and it came back with some horrifying stories regarding vaping CBD and having seizures, so if anyone could give me some guidance that would be great.

Thanks a lot!


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