GemmaCert Announces New International Distribution Partnerships

The cannabis testing market is expected to generate over US$ 2 billion in revenues by 2025

GemmaCert, a developer of specialty analytical solutions for the cannabis industry, has announced new partnerships with Ethnic World in Switzerland, Phytolite in Italy and Yair Technologies in Israel. The agreements involve the distribution of GemmaCert’s proprietary solution for analyzing cannabis potency, without harming the flowers or altering their efficacy and commercial value. GemmaCert is simple to use requiring no special skill-set for operation and is exceedingly reliable, offering in-the-moment information that a third-party laboratory cannot. GemmaCert’s sleek design gives little indication to the sophistication of the technology working underneath which combines spectrometry, image analysis and data analytics. Results are delivered directly to a dedicated secure smartphone app.

“The variable potency of cannabis is well-documented. Potency varies between crops and even between individual buds from the same plant, often significantly” explained Prof. Oded Shoseyov, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of GemmaCert. The industry faces a major challenge ensuring that cannabis products are correctly labeled, a specific concern for prescribing doctors and medically fragile patients who rely on accurate labeling when it comes to safe and effective dosing.

GemmaCert’s ability to quickly run multiple non-destructive tests better addresses the high potency variance common to cannabis. Growers, producers, retailers, researchers, healthcare providers and even patients can use GemmaCert to test an unlimited number of flowers. Andrea Sommariva of Phytolite said that “not all testing has to go out to costly traditional laboratory testing services. GemmaCert’s NIRS-based solution can become the industry standard for in-house potency testing, especially for confirming the quality and value of stock, because of its lower labor expenses, material costs, and higher speed.”

Commenting on the agreements, Dr. Guy Setton, GemmaCert’s co-founder and CEO added “We are delighted to have new partners for the distribution of GemmaCert in Europe and Israel. This is part of our strategy to expand as the legalization of cannabis spreads worldwide. GemmaCert will contribute to consumer safety and confidence by providing accurate data to support important decisions while advancing the legitimacy of legal cannabis.”

The cannabis testing market will experience healthy growth over the next decade. According to Inkwood Research it will expand at a CAGR of 11.40% through 2025 to generate over US $2 billion in revenues. Forward-thinking businesses will increase in-house testing to support new product development, boost quality assurance, adhere to increasing regulatory scrutiny and provide an extra line of defense against potential regulatory and legal problems. GemmaCert is in pole position to benefit from this promising market trend.

About GemmaCert

GemmaCert is a biotechnology company, based in Israel since 2015, aiming to become a market leader in medicinal plant composition and potency analysis, starting with cannabis. GemmaCert’s skilled team of chemists, molecular biologists, data scientists and programmers work tirelessly to advance cannabis analytical solutions. GemmaCert’s breakthrough technology can also enable patients and doctors to correlate cannabis composition with specific health conditions, significantly enhancing therapeutic treatment by cannabis and transforming the medical cannabis industry.

For a chance to meet with the GemmaCert team visit them at the MJBizCon in Las Vegas, Nov. 14-16, Booth #3679.

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