For cannabis business, yields are growing but society is struggling to keep up

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This time of year cannabis businesses are busy getting their product ready for sale.

Shadowbox Farm says that while their yields are growing, society is struggle to keep up.

Even a smokey summer couldn’t jeopardize harvest season for cannabis in the rogue valley – which makes up some of the highest demand product on the market.

Now business is booming.

But some farmers tell me problems remain – most notably the assumption that cannabis farming, despite being legal, is different than other businesses including wineries and breweries.

“This isn’t just a bunch of stoners. We’re farmers. We’re business people. And we care deeply about our plants. We care deeply about the environment in which we operate,” says Tim Winner, President of Shadowbox Farms.

Winner says that there are still misconceptions about the industry, and that translates into real impediments. For example, the lack of banks willing to work with cannabis businesses due to added administrative burdens.

Winner says that probably won’t change soon, but he hopes that progress continues to be made into next the harvest year.

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