EMS Global Wellness Corp Heading to the Semi-Finals of the Hemp Innovation Challenge – TWJ News

EMS Global Wellness Corp Heading to the Semi-Finals of the Hemp Innovation Challenge - TWJ News

EMS Global Wellness Corp is pleased to announce they have been selected for the semi-finals in the Hemp Innovation Challenge.

This means that EMS made it the top 15 list of all HIC submissions with entries from 13 countries around the world. The finalists will be announced on Friday, February 7th, at 9:00 p.m. (PST) on the Hemp Innovation Challenge website.

” We were amazed to get so many high-quality hemp innovation submissions from all over the world. They came from 13 countries. The wide range of hemp innovations speaks to the broad use of industrial hemp. ” said Mike Reid, Executive Director for the Hemp Innovation Challenge” We are very excited for the achievement and the opportunity to showcase EMS Global Wellness Corp. at the Hemp Innovation Challenge finals if chosen,” said Jason Morgan, Founder, and CEO of EMS Global Wellness Corp

The World Ag Expo held in Tulare, California. This Expo is one of the largest agriculture trade events in the world, attracting over 1,500 exhibitors and over 100,000 attendees. This is a huge opportunity for anyone to present at such an event.

About EMS Global Wellness Corp


EMS is a Corporation that was formed to bring together global wellness and blockchain. EMS is a token on the TRON blockchain and utilized in the hemp, farming, health, fitness, gaming, and Artificial Intelligence industries. They strive to bring blockchain uses to real-world business. This is why EMS has started a marketplace for a one-stop-shop for all things hemp and more.

To be engaged in many sectors between hemp and total wellness is the center of their mission. Through the development of their token, EMS has built a community of thousands of faithful supporters around the globe.


Marketplace:https://emshempnetwork.comTwitter: @EMS_tokenTelegram: t.me/EMStokengroup

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