dicentra Global Certifications Launches Cannabis Edibles HACCP Certification Program

dicentra Cannabis Edibles HACCP Certification Seal

Edibles are the next big thing and will represent perhaps even a majority of the cannabis product consumed in Canada. -Peter Wojewnik, Vice President

dicentra Global Certifications, an affiliate of dicentra Cannabis Consulting, has announced the release of its Cannabis Edibles HACCP Certification Program. Canada will become the first G7 country in the world to formally legalize the recreational production and use of cannabis. In 2019, the government of Canada also plans to formally legalize the production and use of cannabis edibles.

More than one in four Canadians aged 25 to 34 report some use of cannabis in the past three months, and 28% of those Canadians admit to ingesting edibles within that time frame.

“Edibles are the next big thing and will represent perhaps even a majority of the cannabis product consumed in Canada,” reports Peter Wojewnik, VP of Business Development of dicentra Global Certifications. “Even with Health Canada oversight and licensing, we see a great need for a professional certification program to audit and issue certification to edible manufacturers. Edibles present a unique challenge in food safety. Preparing homogeneous mixtures and ensuring uniformity in product composition and active ingredients are paramount for the safety of the consumer.”

dicentra says the certification program is already in place, and requires an annual on site audit. Most audits will be conducted within two days, and if the facility does not fail the audit, the audit will be followed by a list of non-conformances that must be addressed within one month.

“This is a natural fit for us,” reports Peter. “dicentra Global Certifications is already auditing facilities across North America as an accredited ISO 17065 food safety certification body, and has been doing so for three years. We look forward to sharing our expertise and bringing a real sense of quality to this new, emerging industry!”

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