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Charlotte's Web Granted US Patent 'CW1AS1' for Hemp CBD Product Genetics

Charlotte’s Web is not only the company that distributes the most trusted extract of hemp in the world, it has also managed to achieve a milestone when it comes to hemp genetics, as it has proved that it’s committed to provide consistency and innovation. In other words, it has obtained the second US 10,653,085 hemp genetics utility patent for CW1AS1, which is a brand-new hemp variety from Charlotte’s Web co-founder Joel Stanley and the Senior Director for Cultivation R&D Bear Reel. This patent indicates Charlotte’s Web has taken premier proprietary genetics to a whole new level, not to mention that it has built a strong protection for it and its products. Here’s what the President and CEO of Charlotte’s Web, Deanie Elsner, had to say about this:

“This ‘CW1AS1′ patent gives Charlotte’s Web the highest level of protection for our proprietary genetics and ensures that Charlotte’s Web products will continue to be available to the thousands who use them in a form that is consistent and provides the same user experience time and time again.”

Not Many Other Hemp Genetics Patents Issued Before

Hemp genetics patents are new, so very few have been issued until now. Charlotte’s Web is the most vertical hemp company in the world, so it’s running after hemp patents and invests as much as it can in its breeding hemp programs or the science behind it. This is because it wants to continue providing very high-quality products to its customers. The Original Formula from Charlotte’s Web was the first CBD product to be sold all over the US. Before the 2013 launch of the company, more than 15,000 people were waiting on the patent for the Original Formula with proprietary phytochemical profiles that are now part of the CW1AS1 hemp variety.

More About Charlotte’s Web

Started in Colorado by the Stanley Brothers, Charlotte’s Web became a leader on the market of growing cannabis. It also produces and distributes CBD products of exceptional quality and that are subjected to over 20 tests. The hemp-derived extracts from Charlotte’s Web contain all the phytocannabinoids, CBD, flavonoids, terpenes and many other beneficial compounds obtained from the hemp plant. The Charlotte’s Web CBD product categories include tinctures, topicals, pet formulas and capsules. All these are being sold in over 11,000 physical stores and online on the company’s official website. Charlotte’s Web focuses on quality and innovation more than on anything else.

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