CBD Shops Are Springing Up All Over New York City

Come Back Daily CBD SHop in NYC

When you look at the popularity of CBD’s skyrocketing presence, it can be stunning to think of how far it’s come. Despite this momentum, it hasn’t yet cracked full legalization, but seeing its popularity rise throughout New York City is exciting and (hopefully) changes even more hearts and minds.

In each neighborhood, CBD shops are popping up and other legit businesses are offering CBD alongside their everyday stuff. From luxury to basic, we’re really seeing the explosion of all things CBD, even in a prohibition state like New York.

Here’s some of NYC’s coolest CBD retailers:

Come Back Daily Flagship

In the hubbub of Downtown Manhattan, Come Back Daily brings serious CBD selection to one of the richest zip codes in the entire nation. There’s no shortage of fun and exciting products on site, but keep an eye out for their events programming as well. Education to entrepreneurship, Come Back Daily is a one-stop shop.

Come Back Daily Harlem

Maybe you’re staying uptown in historic Harlem, whereas many people line up for Marcus Samuelson’s Red Rooster as anything below Canal Street. You can now find quality CBD products and the same unique vibe that Come Back Daily brings, but Uptown style.

Higher Standards

Though technically not a CBD shop, Higher Standards brings CBD right into the famous Chelsea Market. Tourists and locals alike can get all of their CBD and cannabis accessory needs taken care of in this stylish version of a headshop.

Hemp Garden

It seems like an accident that all of these shops are in some of the more touristy areas of NYC, but that’s no surprise to a local. Tourism, nightlife, and shopping are some of NYC’s most booming industries, so it’s no surprise that cannabis could follow suit. CBD flower and product stockists Hemp Garden is present in the Lower East Side, plus the West Village and Little Italy. Madonna Mia!

The CBD Beauty Corner

The latest to open but arguable one of the bigger impact CBD launches, The CBD Beauty corner is bringing CBD infused topicals and tinctures to none other than Saks Fifth Avenue. Keep your options open by springing for services instead to try all of the offerings, there’s even little aromatherapy moments with cannabidiol baked right in.

If you are in New York, until the true pot shops open, this is where you can get cannabis wellness products, and sometimes even CBD hemp flower. Medical dispensaries also sell CBD products, but you need to have a card and a doctor’s recommendation. This amount of shops will probably even double in the next year, people are thirsty for CBD and that’s only going to get more pronounced as research unveils new and awesome ways we can incorporate it into our lives.

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