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Our Top Cannabis Picks For 2019

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Can CBD Help With Sleep and Insomnia?

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Twitter Seems To Think Liam Neeson’s New Action Movie Is A Gritty Reboot Of 'Mr. Plow'

Reboots are all the rage these days—just look at the tremendous success of the latest ‘Halloween‘ movie, which had a massive opening just last weekend. People love to see familiar properties remixed, retooled and reimagined. So much so, in fact, that they are beginning to see it in places where it isn’t even there. Take, …

Cannabis Strain Designed Specifically To Make Women Orgasm

Sounds way out, but science and the legalized cannabis community says its now true. Created by Karyn Wagner, this unique strain know as “Sexxpot”, is designed to help any woman experience a mind-blowing sexual experience. The indica-based strain, is derived from a low-THC strain recognized as “Mr. Nice” and contains about 14% THC. This is …

'If You're Really Concerned About Children With Cancer, Why Aren't You Looking At Everything?': Director Abby Epstein On Making A Film About Children And Medical Cannabis

Children are often placed at the centre of the moral outrage surrounding cannabis and arguments opposing legalization, but that can work both ways says Abby Epstein, the director of ‘Weed the People‘ – a new documentary film following several families pursuing cannabis treatments for children with cancer. “When you’re talking about children’s health, things become depoliticized. …

Medicinal cannabis user organizes protest after unlicensed Saskatoon dispensaries forced to shutter

Alicia Yashcheshen credits medicinal cannabis for keeping her alive after she developed Crohn’s disease following a bad reaction to a prescription, Vioxx, which resulted in anorexia. “If I don’t have cannabis oil, I can’t eat,” she said. Yashcheshen, acting director of the Saskatchewan Medical Cannabis Association, is organizing a protest at Saskatoon’s city hall Saturday …

Hemp Company Vertical Celebrates Opening Of CBD Facility In West Kentucky

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Lawmakers, advocates continue to tweak medical cannabis bill in private talks

Utah voters have spent the past several weeks digesting the new, 126-page medical marijuana bill that was stitched together by opposing camps in the Proposition 2 debate. Since unveiling the proposed legislation earlier this month, the state’s power brokers have continued meeting in private to finesse the bill language that could form the backbone of …

Cannabis Yoga: The Best Strains for Each Style

When you know the positive impact that cannabis can have on your health and well-being and are looking for the best way to make it part of your regimen, look no further than your yoga mat. Cannabis and yoga are a naturally good match, as they both inspire peace and meditative awareness. The best way …

Thailand is very close to legalizing Medicinal Cannabis.

Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, and Hemp news from across the Universe. Our Rules Please keep submissions on topic and of high quality This subreddit is strictly for news about cannabis. Anything that is not cannabis news will be removed Just because the title has “cannabis” in it doesn’t make it news. If it’s not a link …

5 Alternative Uses for Hemp

Despite the fact that hemp — which is cannabis that was made for industrial use, high fiber content, and seeds – has a long history of use in the world, a lot of people have no clue what it really is or how to use it. That is somewhat surprising considering it was used more …

Cannabis May Not Reduce Stomach Inflammation After All, But It Can Still Help Crohn's Patients: Study

Cannabis is well known for its anti-inflammatory effect, which is why researchers previously believed it could work as a treatment for Crohn’s and other inflammatory bowel diseases. A new study, however, suggests that might not be the case. A group of Israeli researchers recently conducted a study evaluating the effectiveness of cannabis oil in treating symptoms …