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Our Top Cannabis Picks For 2019

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CBD Trailblazes the Food and Drink industry in 2019

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Can CBD Help With Sleep and Insomnia?

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The State Medical Board of Ohio is considering a handful of proposals it has received since it began accepting applications at the beginning of the month.

The State Medical Board is considering adding more qualified conditions to the medical cannabis program Although Ohio is having some difficulty getting its medical marijuana program off the ground – it’s still not going to be up and running by the end of the month — the state has decided that this would be an …

Hemp North Carolina

As farmers in North Carolina have been wrapping up their second year producing industrial hemp as part of a pilot research program in North Carolina, state Extension educators are optimistic – cautiously, of course — about the crop and how it could fare here over the long haul. This year, more than 325 farmers received …

Ontario's private cannabis retailers open their doors on April 1, and here are the rules

Until April, cannabis can only be legally purchased from the online Ontario Cannabis Store TORONTO — The Ontario government has released regulations that will guide the startup of private cannabis stores on April 1. The stand-alone stores can be open any day between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m., but they must be at least 150 …

Eaze Expands Delivery Of Nonpsychoactive Cannabis Across US

Cannabis delivery service Eaze said Wednesday it will start shipping nonpsychoactive cannabinol products across the U.S., expanding deliveries of what analysts predict could be a $22 billion market. The San Francisco-based app is already selling what’s known as CBD products, which offer pain relief without the high, in California. The new service through its Eaze Wellness marketplace will expand deliveries to 41 states …

Alfie Dingley leading a 'normal, happy' life thanks to medical cannabis treatment

A seven-year-old boy who was granted a special licence in June to use medicinal cannabis oil is now living a “pretty normal life”, his mother has said. Alfie Dingley suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that was causing up to 150 seizures a month, has not had any seizures since July. But his mother Hannah Deacon told the …

Rev Up Your Brain's Engine With These 5 Nootropics

Noo-What? Despite what the name may imply, the topic of nootropics isn’t actually new—the growth of this category of supplements has been increasing for several years now. Purported to improve brain power, thereby leading to a more focused and productive life, nootropics were popularized by “biohackers”, the term for people who strive to function more …

A woman sits in the lotus position on a yoga mat, with a bottle of Veritas Farms Hemp Oil Tincture at her feet.

Veritas Farms Hemp Oil Tincture tastes light and pleasant in peppermint, with just the right amount of minty freshness. We tested Veritas Farms’ 250mg strength full-spectrum CBD oil tincture. The suggested dose of CBD on the label was strong enough to relieve symptoms of chronic back pain, headache, and menstrual cramps in our reviewer. Located …

Why You Should Learn How to Bullet Journal

If you’re not much of a writer, the idea of journaling can be a little off-putting. But the latest pen-to-paper craze—bullet journaling—is far from the old practice of keeping a diary filled with your deepest, darkest secrets. Bullet journaling (or “BuJo,” if you’re hip) is a creative, customizable way to organize tasks and goals. There …

Montreal cannabis trade show exhibitors hopeful for industry's future

MONTREAL — Exhibitors at a Montreal cannabis expo are expressing both hope and caution as the legalization process unfolds across Canada. The two-day trade show, which brings together more than 120 exhibitors, is the first gathering of its kind in Quebec since recreational pot was legalized earlier this month. The products on display ranged from …

Twitter Seems To Think Liam Neeson’s New Action Movie Is A Gritty Reboot Of 'Mr. Plow'

Reboots are all the rage these days—just look at the tremendous success of the latest ‘Halloween‘ movie, which had a massive opening just last weekend. People love to see familiar properties remixed, retooled and reimagined. So much so, in fact, that they are beginning to see it in places where it isn’t even there. Take, …