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CBD is the Biggest Buzzword of 2019

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Banking and Hemp: The Effect of the New Farm Act – Green Market Report

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Hemp Legalization Becomes Official With President Trump’s Signature On The Farm Bill

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Boost your bottom line with specialty infused cannabis products

It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin spice, winter without peppermint, spring without strawberries or summer without lemonade. Manufacturers of marijuana-infused products know this, and they’re capitalizing on popular demand among consumers to shake up their product lines with seasonal or limited-release products. These products – from THC-infused sparkling waters to rainbow-colored sugar cookies – can …

7 Essential Tips for Buying Hemp-Based CBD Products - Leafly

Hemp-derived CBD is certainly a rising star in the world of cannabis products. But with the number of hemp-based CBD products out there-from tinctures to topicals-how do you sort through the noise to be sure you’re getting a great product? Hemp CBD has been found to help with several issues, including anxiety and inflammation, chronic …

Torsten Kuenzlen, CEO of Calgary, Alberta-based Sundial Growers, provides his keynote at MJBizCon on Wednesday. Three extra states might show probably candidates to legalize leisure hashish in 2019. Uncle Sam could also be poised to reform the nation’s marijuana legal guidelines.And annual medical marijuana gross sales in the USA are projected to drop for the …

The product can also be purchased online. Lord Jones has a high CBD oil-based lotion that’s grabbed the internet and celebrities by storm. For those who are not familiar with what CBD is, it stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana plants that relieves pain, reduces anxiety, helps sleep, and more. Chelsea Handler and …