Canopy LATAM Brings Cannabis Innovation to the Latin American Medical Community

Canopy LATAM network will bring in Spectrum Cannabis Peru to introduce new uses for medicinal cannabis to support the Peruvian market while lending proficiency in cannabis production and physician instruction.

Canopy LATAM is a globally renown cannabis and hemp company that specializes in a variety of curated cannabis products. With operations in thirteen countries across five continents and ten licensed production sites, Canopy has made a commitment to educate the medical community through reliability and trusted resources. They also conduct extensive research through cannabis related clinical trials to ensure the most reliable and effective cannabis treatment.

As cannabis legislation continues to evolve on a global spectrum, Canopy LATAM network intends to educate the medical community on the full potential of medicinal cannabis to eliminate the negative stigma associated with the marijuana plant.

The Peruvian capital will introduce Spectrum Cannabis Peru in an educational format through events, healthcare professionals, and patient groups. As a matter of fact, the Medical College of Peru will invite healthcare professionals such as Dr. Ware, a licensed family physician who specializes in pain management, amongst other professionals set to attend various introductory courses in medicinal cannabis from January 10th-11th. The conference is expected to encourage collaboration between medical field professionals and Peruvian legislators.

Mark Zekulin, President and Co-CEO of Canopy Growth states that the company is, “proud to welcome Peru to the growing family of Spectrum Cannabis countries and to have the chance to serve Peruvian patients and healthcare professionals in the future. Canopy Growth is a global leader in providing safe, regulated, medical cannabis and by leveraging our experience together with local expertise, we look forward to helping build a responsible Peruvian cannabis industry today and into the future.”

Additionally, further cannabis related production is expected to expand in other regions of Latin America.

Spectrum Cannabis Colombia began cultivating crop in 2018 and just received all the licensing to produce cannabis on 13.6 million sq. ft. of growing area for medicinal cannabis compared to the 4.5 million sq. ft. previously used for planting.

Bibiana Rojas, Country Managing Director for Spectrum Cannabis Colombia is very optimistic about further advancements for Colombian cannabis operations.

“With the full licensing of our 126-hectare farm, Spectrum Cannabis Colombia and Canopy Growth have demonstrated yet again our ability to execute and prepare for the rapidly rising demand that exists for medical cannabis. Our ambitious goal of sustainable regional production for medical cannabis is one step closer in Latin America and we’re proud to play a role in increasing the total potential production of Canopy Growth as it builds markets internationally.” Says Rojas.

Canopy is anticipating taking advantage of new opportunities of further growth and development especially as regulations evolve for the cannabis industry. While canopy has launched operations in Peru and acquired licensing in Colombia, they have also have plans to infiltrate the Mexican market and launch clinical trials in Chili. Canopy is enthusiastic to service the medical community through reliable cannabis education and resources.


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