Cannabis Yoga: The Best Strains for Each Style

Cannabis Yoga: The Best Strains for Each Style

When you know the positive impact that cannabis can have on your health and well-being and are looking for the best way to make it part of your regimen, look no further than your yoga mat. Cannabis and yoga are a naturally good match, as they both inspire peace and meditative awareness.

The best way to learn how to incorporate plant medicine into your life could be through cannabis yoga. The combination of breathing and movement provides a powerful lesson in respectful use. However, all cannabis-like all yoga-is not created equal. To start introducing cannabis to your yoga practice, consider selecting different strains for different styles of yoga.

When browsing cannabis strains, it is clear that most fall into one of two categories: indica or sativa. There are several prominent differences between these. When it comes to using cannabis for a yoga class, choose one that has a higher CBD content, because it will be more calming than one that gets your mind racing. While you could use a strain finder to discover the strain that would be best for your yoga practice of choice, the following basics will go a long way in helping you select the best.

Hatha Yoga with Indica Strains

Although it may not be apparent to a beginner or intermediate yogi, most yoga styles fall into the Hatha category. This is a gentle, slower style of yoga that focuses greatly on proper alignment and the use of breath. Since indica strains of cannabis are thought to be more physically sedating, they are a perfect complement to Hatha yoga, since you hold the breath for more extended periods of time than with other styles. Hatha is calming to begin with, and indica strains can help you stretch your way to even more tranquility.

Restorative Yoga with Indica Strains

If you are looking for even greater relaxation, try restorative yoga with indica. This is the most mellow form of yoga and is all about restoring the body’s natural posture. Disclaimer: It’s so relaxing that you could fall asleep!

Vinyasa Yoga with Sativa Strains

Sativa strains pair better with other styles like Vinyasa yoga. With this type of yoga, you coordinate your breath with the movements in a faster-paced sequence of asanas, or poses. Sativas provide more uplifting effects than other strains and would enhance this flow experience. Since sativas accelerate the heart rate and boost energy, they could help you power through a challenging sequence of postures. They could also help you keep your balance in difficult poses.

Kundalini Yoga with Sativa or Indica Strains

Kundalini yoga is in a category of its own. If you go to a class, you will see that it is similar to many other styles of yoga and that it incorporates similar asanas, meditations and chants. However, you’ll notice different elements of the practice that are meant to awaken kundalini energy. Because this type of yoga is intended to inspire a higher consciousness, you can use either indica or sativa strains. An indica strain may be better than a sativa strain, as its properties help achieve this purpose by helping the yogi feel more aware.

Choosing the right strain of cannabis is all about realizing the desired outcome for your yoga practice. The perfect pair is key to helping you reap the benefits of both cannabis and yoga simultaneously.

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