Boost your bottom line with specialty infused cannabis products

Boost your bottom line with specialty infused cannabis products

It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin spice, winter without peppermint, spring without strawberries or summer without lemonade.

Manufacturers of marijuana-infused products know this, and they’re capitalizing on popular demand among consumers to shake up their product lines with seasonal or limited-release products.

These products – from THC-infused sparkling waters to rainbow-colored sugar cookies – can be a boon for brand equity or help reap community goodwill through corporate social-giving campaigns.

But special products can add 5% or more to production costs, and manufacturers typically don’t mark up the wholesale cost they offer retailers, said Peggy Moore, co-founder of Love’s Oven, a Denver infused product maker that creates a half-dozen seasonal items per year.

Moore and other infused product manufacturers spoke with Marijuana Business Magazine about some of the factors cannabis entrepreneurs should consider before starting to manufactureseasonal or limited-release products.

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