Blue Ribbon Hemp First Time Buyers Product Guide – SF Weekly

Blue Ribbon Hemp First Time Buyers Product Guide - SF Weekly

Blue Ribbon Hemp Products are designed to help you maintain:

Healthy sleeping patterns*Recovery from inflammation*A sense of calm and wellness*

Our products were formulated by Dr. Igor Bussel and Richard Cowan specific to the needs of the senior citizen community. As such, our products contain only Broad Spectrum or Isolate Hemp Extract and have ZERO THC. That’s the Blue Ribbon Hemp difference. Our products are made with hemp oil which has all the THC strictly rendered out through a chemical process. This process adds time and cost, which is why many companies don’t do it.

The list below is arranged by order of effectiveness. Meaning for topical and skin issues, our Lotion is usually the best choice. For the most serious chronic pain and injury, our Tinctures will probably be your best option. For pain somewhere in between (say 5 out of 10), any of our ingestible products should work well, it really just depends on your preferred delivery method.


If your suffering from skin, muscle or joint-related pain & inflammation, the first product you should consider is our Lotion. This skin rub is a perfect introduction to the powers of hemp-based product. Our Lotion is the only way to get the healing powers of hemp topically, without having to ingest anything.

Blue Ribbon Hemp Lotion is one of our flagship products as well as our bestselling. Dr. Igor has spent months testing different combinations of products to find the ‘Goldilocks’ formula for the best topical hemp cream. Learn more about our unique Blue Ribbon Hemp Lotion.

Oral Strips

One of the best, fastest, easiest ways to consume hemp-based products for immediate effect is via our Blue Ribbon Oral Strips. The strip, or extremely thin layer of “paper” is water soluble. In fact it almost instant dissolves with contact from water or saliva. Sublingual consumption means all the amazing plant-based ingredients get absorbed into your blood stream instantly, instead of say eating something which has to pass through your body’s entire digestive track and could take hours for the beneficial effects to be felt. For instant relief, it’s hard to beat these Oral Strips. Plus they are made with menthol to make your breath smell great.


Dr. Igor specifically made our Blue Ribbon Hemp Tincture product to provide the highest amount of relief in our product line. This Broad Spectrum whole-hemp extracted alcohol-based tincture provides the highest level of relief in the most popular and easily dosed product format. Tinctures absorb under-the-tongue very readily, so many people find the best way to use these products is to hold them there for approx. 30 seconds and then swallow. This creates an immediate onset effect which many people enjoy. Of course you could also just eat it with your favorite food or drink and the effects will usually occur within 40 mins.

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