Bismarck business building Homes From Hemp – KFYR-TV

Bismarck business building Homes From Hemp - KFYR-TV

BISMARCK, N.D. – A new Bismarck-based business is experimenting with plant-based building materials to construct homes and buildings.

Owner of Homeland Hempcrete Matt Marino says hemp might be an option for the future.

Mix water, lime from limestone and hempearth, and you have a batch of hempcrete.

“The simplicity is what brought us to this product originally. You’re taking the biproduct of a crop essentially. A crop that we’re already utilizing and we’re taking the biproduct and building homes with it,” said Marino.

Marino launched Homeland Hempcrete at the start of 2019 as another possible way to build homes.Since then, he’s constructed a shed in Mandan out of hempcrete to demonstrate its durability.

“Hemp’s super light and airy, but it’s super strong. So, you could get a house that is super well insulated that can deal with climates like North Dakota,” said Marino.

Next year, Marino plans to build his first home completely out of hemp.

Marino says his long term goal is to build North Dakota homes out of North Dakota hemp.

For more information, you search “Homeland Hempcrete” on Facebook.

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