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BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2020 / In recent years, hemp processing policies and regulations around the world has a further relaxation, and the endorsement of CBD with magic effect from different organizations has made the attempt of hemp’s productization become “all roads lead to Rome”. The market heat continues to rise, hemp has appeared in papermaking, textile, building materials, industrial oil, cosmetics, medicine and other industries. According to the survey data of Brightfield Group, hemp’s market size is expected to reach $166 billion by 2025.

Hemp has formed an industrial closed-loop under the trillion- level blue ocean

Beijing Tenjove NewHemp Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “NewHemp Biology”) is a 100% holding subsidiary of Shineco, Inc. The enterprise plans to plant 200,000 mu of hemp with high CBD content in China and to build the largest global high-purity CBD intelligent extraction center within five years. Data chain and transparent operation management will be implemented in the entire production process based on the encryption technology of the Internet of things public chain. The whole process will have real-time tracking for the overall operation of NewHemp Biology to complete the realization of encryption technology and the real economy.

Behind hemp, there is a rare profit space of the whole industry chain brought by NewHemp Biology. Its value support comes from the occupation of the commanding height for hemp industry and huge dividends brought by the first overall arrangement of whole industry chain. Facing this trillion-level blue ocean market, world-class enterprises like Coca Cola, Heineken, Marlboro and Estee Lauder have all started to expand in CBD industry.

Obtained the legal documents for STO issuance by the U.S. SEC

“HEMP”‘s issuer (NewHemp Biology) is a 100% holding subsidiary of Shineco, Inc., a NASDAQ listed company. At present, it has obtained related compliance documents (Regulation-D; Regulation-S) used by U.S. SEC to Relevant Files. U.S. SEC is also the regulatory authority to protect the rights and interests of investors by “The U.S. Securities Law of 1933”.

The link:https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1300734/000121390019009104/f8k050819a2_shineco.htm

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This time, as a encryption technology issued by NewHemp Biology in the form of STO, it represents the future return of HEMP’s whole industrial chain and the assets or equity from the value-added space. Shineco , the issuer’s parent company, guarantees that HEMP holders have 40% of annual net profit or 5% of stock dividend return (the higher of the two) of NewHemp company. In the future, it can be converted into common share through the additional issue by Shineco.

In short, the issuance of “HEMP” is formal, legal and guaranteed. It not only integrates some regulatory frameworks of traditional finance, but also brings some regulatory innovation. The issuance audit process can be coded and smartly contracted, and the corresponding financial data and information can be linked to achieve more efficient issuance.

In addition, “HEMP” is based on the encrypted digital proof of rights and interests. It can break the original financial structure and make the public issuance of assets more intelligent as well as bring more convenience for compliance and supervision. “HEMP” will decrease cost and increase efficiency over the original financial system and keep trading 7 * 24 hours without interruption, which can greatly improve the global liquidity of assets. Additionally, due to the cross regional and cross-border nature of the technology, HEMP can also be issued to the global market, accelerates the global flow of assets and helps NewHemp Biology evolve into an economy with more imagination and developing space.

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Company Name: Bejing Tenjove NewHemp Biological Technology Co, Ltd.Contact Person: HanhanEmail: info@newhemps.comPhone: + 86 18911796403Website: http://www.newhemps.com/

SOURCE: Bejing Tenjove NewHemp Biological Technology Co, Ltd.

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