A Booming Market for All Kinds of People

CBD (cannabidiol) products, such as CBD gummies, tinctures, creams, and oil have been all the rage lately, as evidenced by the quality of press coverage on the latest miracle CBD creams to arrive in the market, as well as by the booming global market for CBD and other cannabis-derived products. Expectations for the future of cannabis-derived products are very high. In fact, in 2016 alone, the sales of THC and related products totaled $6.7 billion and, according to Bloomberg, this figure is projected to grow to $50 billion by 2026.

One of the main factors for the recent explosion in demand for CBD and cannabis-related products is their ability to relieve and help treat various medical conditions such as seizures, insomnia, anxiety disorders, and arthritis. Indeed, many people are now utilizing products such as CBD tinctures and CBD pain creams to deal with such ailments.

For example, former NFL player Cullen Jenkins started using CBD oil and later CBD tincture to alleviate his joint pains.

“It started helping,” Jenkins told Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel. “With the joints, with the pain. It kind of helps with focus. I will take it before class – I’m in two carpentry classes now – and I like to take it before. It helps me stay in the moment.”

And Jenkins is not alone. Athletes are continually advocating for CBD as a treatment for pain. Athletes For CARE (A4C), a non-profit organization that athletes can turn to for life after retirement, has an entire section on their website dedicated to cannabis-based solutions for athletes who are suffering.

But it is not just athlete who are turning to CBD and other cannabis-derived products to relieve their pain. For example, medical cannabis helped provide relief from pain and other symptoms for Ed Snider, who co-founded the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL and owned the team for nearly 50 years. He died in 2016 of metastatic bladder cancer at his home in Montecito, California, at 83. His daughter Lindy Snider, currently a cannabis industry investor, told Elevated Nation, “Toward the end, he had a lot of pain. He had a pump that delivered more traditional pain medicine to the body, but ultimately those were not really working. His nurses suggested cannabis. Now, this was in California where medical cannabis has been legal for some time. Eventually, our family spoke with the nurses and we thought this would be helpful to him.” The Sniders are also good friends of Dr. Mehmet Oz, who’s very well known as a host of an eponymous television show on health and medical issues. According to Oz, “It changed his life. Instead of being on narcotics or completely in sleep all the time, he lived the last months of his life because he was on CBD to deal with the pain. It helped with cancer and anorexia.”

CBD and cannabis have also been proven to be quite effective at relieving stress and anxiety, thereby helping those who suffer from those issues. Bria Vinaite, an actress who stars in 2017’s The Florida Project, says marijuana has helped her in so many ways, which we also see on her Instagram Story, as well. “Recently, I have been most grateful for THC because of its anti-anxiety properties and the way it helps me calm down,” she shares. “I’m always on the go now, from shoots to meetings to interviews, that it’s easy to get super-overwhelmed! THC helps relax me just in the right way so I can focus my attention on all these blessings and keep a smile on my face!”She also claims to be a fan of CBD products. “Honestly, I feel like CBD exists in so many awesome forms, I’m too busy scrolling through all of them to find my favorite, but I’m typically loving topical CBD and capsules,” she says.

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