8 Home Decorating Trends You’re About to See Everywhere, According to Etsy – GoodHousekeeping.com

8 Home Decorating Trends You're About to See Everywhere, According to Etsy - GoodHousekeeping.com


Etsy is a go-to source for unique handmade finds, especially when it comes to home decor. Now, the retailer is reminding us of its influence in the design world with the release of its annual home decor trend guide. The new report reveals the trends that Etsy shoppers can’t get enough of right now — think artwork featuring sunsets, hanging planters, bee motifs, and seashell-shaped decor accents.

“This year’s decor trends are all about adding personality and comfort into your home,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s trend expert. “From burl wood furniture to resin accents, these trends celebrate the beauty of individuality and allow shoppers to infuse their own character and values into their decor.”

If you want to weave Etsy’s top 2020 home decor trends into your own space, scroll down for the site’s top picks and shop our favorite items for each trend.

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Redefined Resin

Agate Coasters



From tabletop items to works of art, Etsy sellers are showcasing resin’s versatility. “Human use of plant resins stretches back to  ancient Greece and ancient Rome,” says Isom Johnson. “Resin as a design material can be incorporated in so many different forms and colors, playing into the 2020 trend of individual expression.”


Burl Wood

Handmade Bowl



No matter your style, any space can benefit from a one-of-a-kind wood accent. Consider a burl wood piece, like a bowl for your coffee table or a vase, to add a dose of style to your space. “It celebrates the natural beauty of the tree and adds warmth and individuality,” says Isom Johnson.


Eco-Conscious Fabrics

Hemp Organic Cotton Pillow Cover




Suspended Planters

Hanging Hexagon Planter



Plant parents, you’re going to appreciate this trend. Suspended and hanging planters are a fun way to spruce up your space and express your love of nature. “Shoppers are turning to their ceilings and walls, opting for both hanging and mounted planters, to display their beloved plant babies,” says Isom Johnson.


Bee Motifs

Honey Bee Wall Art Print



According to Etsy, bees are hot. Whether you choose artwork, wallpaper, or drawer knob with a bee motif, your home is guaranteed to be adorable. “Etsy buying trends have shown that shoppers are much more eco-conscious as a whole, it’s no surprise that the motif has worked its way into our design,” says Isom Johnson. “Bees serve as a conversation starter and a playful way to integrate nature into our decor.” 


Seashell-Shaped Decor

Seashell Mirror



A beach vacation might not be on your calendar, so seashell-shaped decorative items are the next best thing. “When considering the seashell trend, toss out the idea of full nautical themes and instead think about adding accents with the shape like throw pillows, lamps, or wall mirrors,” says Isom Johnson. 


’70s Sunset Art

Retro Sunset Printable Wall Art



Go back in time with retro-style prints of sunsets that can add pizzazz to a living room, bedroom, or home office. “With nods to the ‘70s and mid-century design, the retro sunsets trend confirms that inspiration from past decades and nature is here to stay,” says Isom Johnson.


Ancient Accents

Statue of David Air Planter



“The ‘ancient accents’ trend takes cues from decor found in old-world Rome and Greece – from columns to statues to busts – and is popping up everywhere from wall art to planters,” says Isom Johnson. Searches for old-world accents, which pair well with contemporary pieces, are up 47% on Etsy. 

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