7 Hempy, Healthy Eats From Female-Helmed Businesses – Sierra Magazine

7 Hempy, Healthy Eats From Female-Helmed Businesses - Sierra Magazine

In 2018, it became legal in the United States to grow and sell hemp—a nonpsychoactive relative of cannabis used to fuel cars and make bioplastics, clothes, food, and more. Hemp’s long roots help reduce soil erosion and recycle plant nutrients, so the legislation was encouraging for regenerative-agriculture proponents seeking alternatives to industrial corn and soy. And hemp opened the door for “a lot of women in leadership roles,” says Elizabeth Hogan, cofounder—with musician Willie Nelson and his wife, Annie D’Angelo—of hemp company Willie’s Remedy. Here are seven hempy, healthy eats from female-helmed businesses.

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Available in barbecue, chipotle lime, and curry flavors, PATAGONIA PROVISIONS’ Organic Savory Seeds are a spicy mix of whole roasted hemp seeds, lentils, and buckwheat. The super-crunchy snack packs are filling and rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fatty acids. $30 for 12, patagoniaprovisions.com

Chocolate Chaga Protein from Kauai-based LAKA LIVING blends antioxidant chaga and reishi mushrooms with vanilla, cacao, monk fruit, and hemp. Founder Liz Smithers sources from organic and non-GMO growers to create this amino-acid-rich, plant-powered powder—perfect for enhancing shakes, smoothies, and mochas. $40 for 10.5 ounces, lakaliving.com

HUMMING HEMP products originate from 15 regenerative farms that rotate their crops, which naturally controls pests and prevents soil depletion. The company’s flaxseed-esque Hummingbars come in six flavors, including honey & cinnamon and almond & chocolate; the latter mellows hempseeds’ bitter bite nicely. $25 for 12, thehumminggroup.com

Boasting the first hemp creamer on the market, alternative-milk company ELMHURST 1925 has released several flavors of sweetened and unsweetened lactose-free and vegan products. All start with a base of hempseeds and water. About $7 for 16 ounces, elmhurst1925.com

Created to support Willie Nelson’s work on behalf of farmers in the local-food system, WILLIE’S REMEDY Loose Leaf green and black teas are infused with full-spectrum hemp oil, which contains cannabidiol (CBD) for an intended calming effect. $32 for three ounces, williesremedy.com

Hemp-based remedies from Treaty blend hemp oil with a variety of other plants (ginseng, linden, yarrow) to produce tinctures meant to bring balance, calm, focus, and recovery. They’re manufactured by HUDSON HEMP, which works with nine small New York organic farms, several of them helmed by women. (A bonus: Treaty’s shipping inserts are made from a 100 percent compostable combination of hemp hurds—from the woody inner stalk of the hemp plant-and mycelia from fungi.) hudsonhemp.com

Sprinkled over salads or added to smoothies, NUTIVA’s tasty, organic raw-shelled Hempseed has a look, smell, and texture reminiscent of ground walnuts. And some research indicates that hempseed, with its high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, is good for cardiovascular health. $14 for 10 ounces, nutiva.com

This article appeared in the November/December 2019 edition with the headline “Hemp Hype.”

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