5 Alternative Uses for Hemp

5 Alternative Uses for Hemp

Despite the fact that hemp – which is cannabis that was made for industrial use, high fiber content, and seeds – has a long history of use in the world, a lot of people have no clue what it really is or how to use it. That is somewhat surprising considering it was used more than 10,000 years ago! It is better late than never to learn that hemp and the extraction known as CBD Oil can be used for more than just getting stoned. (As you will soon to discover, CBD oil is very different from hemp seeds – a notion that is confusing not only to laypeople but to cannabis connoisseurs.) Hemp is used in a variety of ways in many industries. Hemp oil uses can be a bonafide game changer for your health and beauty. Did you know it is also good for the environment? To incorporate hemp into your life, check out the following five alternative uses for hemp that you have probably never heard of, including hemp oil, protein, plastics, water and soil, purification and fabric, as well as its benefits.

Hemp Oil Uses for Health

Eastern culture has embraced hemp oil as a natural, multi-purpose cure for centuries. It is widely known that the essential fatty acids in hemp oil support the immune system and promote healing. Hemp oil is known to be beneficial for both brain and heart health. More recently, scientists have discovered that it treats serious conditions, from mental illness like schizophrenia and depression to arthritis and diabetes, as well as alcoholism and potentially even some cancers. The essential fatty acids have also been proven to be mood-enhancing and useful in keeping hormones balanced.

Hemp for Beauty

The use of cannabis as a medicine for a variety of ailments has implications for beauty. When it comes to having radiant skin, hemp can help as it reduces anxiety and insomnia which can make the skin look tired and dehydrated. Hemp oil certainly helps, as it decreases dryness and irritation. It is commonly used in body lotions and body butters as well as hair conditioners. While hemp is moisturizing, it also moderates oil production which can help keep your pores unclogged and your skin acne-free. If you do have acne, it can help as it reduces inflammation. Hemp oil, which can be applied topically or taken internally, is also anti-aging.

Hemp For Clothing

Hemp has been used to make clothing in China all the way back in 8000 BC. Hemp is experiencing a big come-back in the fashion world. It is the type of fabric that is also good for the planet and very easy to care for,making it appealing to the busy, environmentally-conscious, younger generation. It benefits the environment because it doesn’t shed microplastics into the water. With its tough texture and antimicrobial quality, it is particularly useful in manufacturing workout clothes. Super-comfortable and long-lasting, hemp clothing is an excellent choice.

Hemp Protein: A High Protein Food Source

Hemp can be a healthy addition to your diet. Hemp seeds are a high-protein food source – whether sprouted, ground into your food, or enjoyed in a commercial product. The seeds promote healthy digestion, weight loss, cardiovascular health and more. There are so many ways that hemp can be consumed; many people enjoy hemp milk or make a hemp tea. A popular ingredient in baking, it is now widely used in breakfast products like cereals and waffles as well as hemp tofus and almond or cashew butters.

Environmentally-Friendly Uses

If you are environmentally-friendly, you might be interested to know that hemp is good for the environment. Plastic can be made from cannabis. Traditional plastics are not as easy to recycle as hemp-based plastics, which are known to degrade at a faster rate. Hemp-based plastics have just as many uses as traditional plastics, from shampoo bottles to trash bags to countertops. Industrial hemp is also beneficial to the environment as it can remove weeds from landscape and toxins from wastewater, including sewage effluent and other unwanted chemicals. Soil and water purification is, of course, not only good for the environment but consequently, for your health.

Ready to start using hemp products? Or maybe the question is: Why wouldn’t you switch to hemp? These five alternate uses for hemp seem to be a win-win for all!

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